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The Sony DSC-T7 is just as thin as the Casio S600. The Pentax Optio S6 is a tenth of an inch thicker, but is also smaller overall. The Fuji Finepix Z1, Nikon Collpix S3 and Konica Minolta DiMage X1 are also close.

The Panisonic DMC-FX7 is a bit larger, at about an inch thick, but also has optical image stabilization and can currently be purchased for near $200 (It's $230 at Radio Shack!).

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personally, the price isn't a large factor for me: size and picture quality are first and foremost. guess i have to wait for a t30 review... =)
In that case, rather than the cheaper models I just mentioned, you might look at the Sony T9, T10, T30 and N1; and also look at the Cannon SD550, SD600, SD630, SD700IS and the Kodak V550, which aren't quite as thin but are still ultra-compacts with very good image quality.

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A camera that is slightly thicker than the S600 is the Pentax T10. It has a 3 inch 230,000 pixel LCD compared to the 2.2 inch 85,000 pixel LCD on the S600. That is a pitiful LCD for a camera without a viewfinder IMO. The T10 screen is also one of the new type that you can see at odd angles, which partially compensates for not being able to put an articulated LCD on a subcompact. How they got such a large LCD on a tiny camera was to make it touch screen and eliminate the buttons.

The Sony T9 is slightly larger than either of those but it has image stabilization. That is a big help, especially without an eyelevel viewfinder with the resulting unsteady hold. It also has a high quality screen. The T30 has an even larger screen, but with an increase in size. The stabilized Sonys would be my choice if they aren't too large for you. Besides the stabilization they are also pretty good through ISO400, which should give decent available light shots combined with stabilization. The T10 might be worth consideration too, but I haven't seen any good reviews.

You don't want a Sony T7 or older as the flash is absolutely pitiful. Sub compact flashes aren't great but most cover a useful range. The older Sony T models were good only to 5 feet and wide and the range decreased with zoom.

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thanks for the helpful and informative reply. i hope my local store has the pentax, sony, and casio out to directly compare.

i love tough decisions... =)
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