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MissMelly wrote:
I am happy someone has asked the same questions I had...now I am leaning toward the FZ20 myself. Questions: I take a lot of low light pics. Can you see well through the EVF in low light or in darkness? Does this camera require a special USB cable?
That depends on what you are looking at. If you expect to see a black cat in a dark room, probably not. If the room is dimly lit with say, a 60w bulb, then yes, you can see through it. The FZ20 is equipped with a focus assistance lamp which will show what the camera is pointing at and focusing on in the auto focus modes. Re the USB cables, the camera comes with them. They have a miniature type on one end and a regular USB plug on the other. The socket on the camera that is used to connect to the USB also serves as the AV output. A cable is supplied for that as well.

I need the zoom for drill team pictures (on field) as well as portrait type shots in the stands. Many group photos, too. Is this still the best bet for the price? Price is an issue. Thank you!
I don't think you'll have any trouble capturing your stated subjects with this camera. I like the camera because it gives me control over a lot of things. The manual focus is great for the zoom shots because You can choose what to focus on. I don't know what your price range is but for the camera, a decent size card (no less than 256Mb), and a backup battery you should probably figure on spending $550-$625 for it. If the zoom is the most important thing to you, you might consider the FZ10 or FZ15 which is a bit less, and from what I understand, less low light noise due to the lower Megapixel rating with the same lens.

Good luck,

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I think I am going with the FZ15, 95% sure, Im just trying to find a reputable dealer that has one under $450, I have a small tri-pod already that I bought to use with my camcorder, I will also be ordering a 256 MB mem card as the FZ15 comes stock with a very poor 8 mb card. Im thinking of getting it from Ibuydigital.com or dbuy.com, same company same address, same staff, but different names, weird because they both have very high ratings on resellerating.com
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The reason I don't like the Fuji cameras is that I read in a few places that the pictures are compressed a little too much. I think all cameras should have an uncompressed mode.
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