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agiaccio May 16, 2006 6:22 AM

I'm looking for an ultra zoom camera with Image Stabilizer for everyday use.

I tried a friend's Panasonic DMC-TZ1 on the weekend but I didn't like using the LCD outdoors (bright sun) therefore I'm looking for a model that has both an LCD and View Finder.

What would you recommend? Why?

dequardo May 17, 2006 7:02 AM

FZ7 for me

Better lens. Better IQ. Better, faster focusing. Better LCD (size). Much less CA and PF.

S3 has better video in that it has stereo and can zoom.

deadshot May 17, 2006 11:08 AM

Hi Agiaco,

I know your problem,I was looking at reviews for 5 mths. What put me off Cannon was error 18 ,look it up on the web. The Sony seems to have trouble with quality control in China & despite their cameras being made there China has rejected them, again see the web. So I went for the FZ 7.and I think its awesome ,I have only had it2 weeks & I am very very pleased with it,I am taking shots on 15th sec hand held on reasonably long zoom settings,because of this ability I am getting good low light shots out as any camera it has its limits & wont do the impossible .I have been into photography as an amatuer for many years with film S L Rs and this is my first digital & I am able to get shots out I would have had to use a tripod for,also its quick for a digi as I have got some impressive shots of my grandchildren ,playing football & going down slides etc.The only negative is if you like photographing insects etc. it's Macro wont go that close but with6 ml pix you could get around that ,its good for flowers though. It will warn you of camera shake but I ignore it & the majority of the time its brilliant. It has sharpness /noise etc settings in camera ,I leave them on the middle setting& adjust them in photoshop as I played with p/s before I bought the camerawith downloaded images. As far as noise is concerned I find it no problem as I dont print A 3 .I am 70 years old if it holds steady for me it will be O K for you...Good Luck

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