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Default Undecided about which compact - hi zoom camera - FZ38, P100 or... ?

Hello everybody... this is my first post :-)
I'm William from Belluno, a city in northern Italy.
I love travelling and have passion for computers ;-)

I'm struggling with the research of a new camera... I'm getting crazy. I read lots of reviews around but cannot decide.

The main scopes of the camera would be:
1)Travel/landscape photography (at very amateur level eh...) with night shots too
2)Photography of objects I need to sell
3)Pictures of mountains and so on when I go trekking.

What I surely want:
1)Picture quality, possibily acceptable even at night
3)Li-Ion batteries
4)HD videos

Formerly I owned a Kodak Z1015 IS camera, which nevertheless the extreme slowness, I found not so bad.

Recently I tryed the new Samsung WB650, but I had to return it to the seller. IMHO its pics where horrible, with lots of noise even at lowest ISO levels.

Always reading and watching pictures of various reviews around, to me seems that these new CMOS 1/2.33" sensors aren't producing so nice images.

I'd like something portable and not exaggerately professional (so no DSLR) but, at same time, I care more of photo quality rather than "easy to carry".
Said this, I'd like to learn too; often I "need" to point and shot to make fast pics, but this doesn't mean I don't like taking more accurate pics when I can.

To sum up, I've almost excluded from my list all pocket cameras, since I don't find anyone that really convinces me.

At the end, I'm considering these latest two cameras:
1)Panasonic FZ38 - Last year model, rather good reviews all around
2)Nikon P100 - New CMOS sensor (hmmm), not so good reviews until now, bigger zoom

I had to exclude the Fuji HS10 since its uses AA batteries and as it seems they lasts very a few.

Well thanks to everyone which had the patience to read until here, and that will help me :-)


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Welcome to the Forum. We're glad you dropped by.

I noticed that you dislike noise in your photos. Well, the Nikon P-100 has noise even at the base or lowest ISO setting just like that Samsung WB650. And as you can imagine the noise just becomes greater as the ISO setting is increased.

The Panasonic FZ-35 is a very easy and user friendly camera. You can easily use up to and including ISO 800 with the FZ-35/38. I am a digital camera instructor and I do not hesitate to recommend the FZ-35/38 to my students.

I am leaving today on a 10 day trip so I will only be posting this one post. But a choice of the FZ-35/38 would serve you well. We also have a large group of FZ-35/38 users here in the Panasonic P+S folder. Take a look at it. There are lots of photo samples, and tips, plus camaraderie as well.

Best of luck.

Sarah Joyce
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