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I have had a Canon G5 for two years and love it. A lot of changes must have been made in those two years and now thinking of moving up. What's your opinion on the best overall camera below a PRO SLR Canon or otherwise???? I sold my Nikon system to buy the G5 and do not want to get back into the multiple lens and assorted equipment. I carry the G5 everywhere and take pictures of everything. Lot of hiking and climbing areas. What do you say??????
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I also got very tired of dragging around a huge kit of bodies and lenses. So I just gave up doing it. I got a Kodak P-880 and have really been enjoying it. The P-880 is a rather amazing camera.

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I'm very happy with my Canon S2.. though I'm far from experienced and have little to compare it too.. Though the zoom is incredible and I've heard others say great things..

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"If you're fine right now. and can hold off a few months.. why don't u wait to see if there's a G7 release.. or even a S3? Depends if you want a deal too.. I got an incredible deal as merchants are starting to move into new lines for the year.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Because it can be never ending with upgrades.. I felt the better deal (with my experience warrented a buy now).

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mtclimber wrote:
it. I got a Kodak P-880 and have really been enjoying it. The P-880 is a rather amazing camera.
For wide angle photography I would keep it as top choise.

Remember that bigger zoom number doesn't mean anything solid and isn't necessary better in any way... best compromise depends on use.
Notice word compromise, there isn't such thing as best camera, only cameras which are best compromise to use in question.

If you want both better wide angle and tele than in your current camera I would recommend KonicaMinolta A200 (28-200mm) if you want to retain that twist&flip LCD.

If that flip&twist LCD isn't necessary KonicaMinolta A2 should be on upper end of list, it's discontinued model but there's still some of them around and it has superior manual controls compared to any other non-SLR, actually even better than "consumer" SLRs... and A2's EVF with its 4x resolution compared to EVFs/LCDs of other cameras is the closest thing to SLR's optical TTL viewfinder in seeing details/focusing. (that's why I rarely use LCD)

If twist&flip LCD isn't necessary and you want still longer tele Fuji S9000 (S9500 in Europe) has 28-300mm and would be my choise.
(remember that difference from 300mm to ~400mm isn't such great, doubling magnification from 300mm would require doubling the focal length to 600mm)

Rest of longer zoom cameras / those media sexy super/ultrazooms like Canon S2 IS have actually worser wide angle than your current camera... that's why staring plain zoom number is equally stupid as keeping camera with the highest megapixel count as best. I would recommend those only when wild animal/bird photography is main use.
Neither I count non manual/button zoom cameras as prosumers because manual/mechanical zoom is completely superior in speed and accuracy.

fuggrwe wrote:
A lot of changes must have been made in those two years...
Yeah, BS departments are distorting meanings of words and lying more than ever.
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It depends on the sort of photography you do.

I can imagine giving up my SLR for the new Sony R1, I don't think I could live with any other digicam I've come across.

For a pocketable camera I suppose the Panasonic LX1 might tempt me somewhat, although I'd probably pay the extra to get the Leica badge.
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