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Default Upgrade from Cannon SD800IS

I have had my Cannon SD800 IS for a few years. I like that it is small, takes good pictures and has good battery life. I don't like the lag time for taking pictures and the longer time for the next shot. Video is decent, but it would be nice if it were closer to camcorder quality.
I would like to upgrade to something that is faster, takes better video and could be a little larger, but not quite SLR sized. Maybe could fit in the pocket of my cargo shorts.
Any recommendations in the $3-400 range?


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Morning Mike,

I have a Canon SD500 which is very similar and older than your SD800, that my son now has borrowed (stolen, acquired, relocated, kidnapped, ...). I replaced it with a Panasonic LX3 that is a bit larger - will fit into cargo pants pockets, has a very fast Leica f2-2.8 lens, has a larger sensor than the SD800, but is 10MP. It is also has the widest lens in the P&S segment - 24 - 60mm. It also has a pretty good battery life of about 400 images, but some have reported up to 700 images on a charge. It is designed as a speciality camera, in that it has a fast wide angle lens, low noise sensor, with a zoom limitation of 2.5x. I specifically choose it for the low light wide angle capability. In terms of movies - it has 4 movie modes including:
QuickTime Motion JPEG
4:3 Aspect Ratio: 640 x 480 pixels 30 fps or
320 x 240 pixels 30 fps/10 fps
16:9 Aspect Ratio: 848 x 480 pixels 30 fps
HD(16:9 Aspect Ratio): 1280x720 pixels 24fps
The HD mode at 1280x720 pixels 24fps is wonderful. It does have a 10 minute or 1GB limitation on video - why - I do not have a clue. And you can not zoom (and have it refocus) during the clip - that is a limitation on a number of cameras these days.The camera has gathered somewhat of a following due to its unique features - fast wide angle lens, larger lower noise sensor with a cap on the resolution (10MP). You can also get the same camera from Leica - the DLux 4, for twice the Panasonic price - but you get the Leica red dot.It goes for $400 +/-. I say plus or minus because Panasonic ran out of them around March of this year and the price bumped up. Now that supply has become available again, the price is coming down to where it was earlier in the year - about 370 for the silver body and 400 for the black....

Here are some photosTo be fair, if you do not need/want the 24mm wide angle nor a fast lens, there are quite a few cameras out there, with larger zoom capabilities that will meet your needs.

Hope that helps....
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