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emalvido Nov 21, 2005 9:10 PM


I think is time to upgrade my CanonS100, boughtItlike 4 years ago, very happy with it,I have took tons of picswith it, andworked flawlessly thru the years.

But I noticed the"must upgarde"when weattendeda rockconcert last week, the guy, in front of me had a similiar compact size and muchnewer camera, didnt saw the brand, but had a bigger LCD 2.5" for sure!, he made awesomezooms, and also his pics were truly amazing,I was peeking theresults on his LCD:shock:

Compared to my S100 pics,almost the very same piture:

-My zoom was poorerhis was almost twice even 3X best!
-Much less detailed pics, for example: when the stage was flodded with red lights, the whole pic lookslike blurred or moved; compared to his,everythingwas ultra detailed!

I use the camera for: family, travel pics, ocasional pics.

Im betweenthe SD450 and the SD550
Yes!I knowthe MegaPixles difference between them,but Iwont print huge posters, and ocasionallyI print my pics to the usual photo album size.

Is it worth taking the shot tothe SD550? or save a couple of dollars and get the SD450?

Ed :?

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