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I am looking to upgrade my primary camera which is a Fuji S9100. I also own an Olympus Stylus 720 camera. There is no immediate rush but I want to start to process now to make a selection within a few months.

Budget -- $500 to inculde any new batteries and memory cards I may have to buy (currently have a coupe xD although I rarelt write to themand several CF).

I have taken over 26,000 photos with my Fuji since I got it in May 2007. The rubber casing over where the grip is over the area where the batteries are is starting to peal off the body in places although much of it is still in tackThe LCD screen in the rear of the camera has a few stratches.

I mainly take fire and rescue pictures but also do some newsworthy events and people pictures. The camera should have an intergrated lens none D-SLR because of the amount of smoke I am around.

Wants in order

1.) long zoom 10x or greater built into the camera -- I am around a lot of smoke and i like not having to worry about changing lenses. Also working in firefighter gear its easier to just carry one camera and spare batteries (in my turnout coat pocket and not have to carry an extra lens.......

2.) use AAs. I have 6 sets of combination of 2700 and 2900mha rechargeables already that are working just fine for me.

3.) use CF cards (I generally need 2 to 4GB before I get a chance to download). I have some xD cards but they are only 1GB and I worry that I might have to change cards at the wrong time which is why I like my 4GB and 16GB CF cards....... May need to get a 2GB xD crd if I go with an xD only camera.... which they made a 4GB xD card.

4.) use my current sunpack 383 hot shoe flash

5.) good in low light (with or without flash) -- use the anti shake mode on my Fuji now and it does a pretty decent job. For doing nighttime fire and rescue pictures

Thanks in advance for any and all advise, suggestions etc

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