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so ive had my trusty old panasonic fz15 for a few years now, and ive been pretty darn happy with it, never had any major problems(besides noise at high iso levels) and has taken decent pictures throughout its usage.

i recently decided it was time for the next step, and i am going to buy a dSLR, im most into taking urban/night pictures(although the fz15 struggles with low light/night at times) and really enjoy macro shots. ive been doing my homework on camera's, and have found the nikon d50 to be rather apealing. id like the keep the final price under $1000, and want a wide angle lense. ive notices the 18-55 is substantially wider than my fz15(34mm at its lowest IIRC) so that should take care of wide angle, but i cant decide if i should get the two lense kit(18-55/55-200) or buy the body only, and purchase one of the 18-200 wide zooms. ive heard dust can be a problem when changing lenses, and it would be more convinient to have a one lense solution.

*id also really like to get into long exposure night photography(fz15 only had 8sec Max!!)

ive been looking at the xt/ pentax ist, etc. and i cant decide what would be the best buy for my needs. id like to stay as far away from noise as possible, and have as accurate as possible color out of the camera(although i have access to CS2 for editing). also, quality is a must. do you think i will notice the diff. beetween the d50's 6mp vs the 8 of the xt/competition??? the fz15 only has four megapixels which creates a slight issue when cropping.

thanks for all your help, and i hope to get some feedback.


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forgot to mention that i will be taking lots of pictures at my work(seattle design center) of new furniture/art that arrives aswell as for interior designers projects they've dont outside of the building(houses/condo's etc.) and they expect great photos.

im going to be going to two years of culinary arts aswell starting next fall, and will be photgraphing my food as i progress.

thanks again.
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As an old Panasonic FZ user myself who has gone to DSLR's, I can tell you quite honestly that you will really like DSLR's. As you are interested in night photography, please take a look at this thread. I think that you will really enjoy it:


I have both the Nikon D-50 and the Pentax DS cameras. In day to day use, I actually use the Pentax DS more and have more lenses for it, because inexpensive lenses can be purchased used for the DS at http://www.keh.com and on e-bay quite easily and inexpensively. The Pentax DSLR's can you any K mount lens ever prodcuced by anyone, so there is a tremendous choice in the used lenses.

Check out the Pentax SLR page on this forum. Its a very friendly, helpful place.


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