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I currently have a Sony H1 that I have been mostly pleased with the last couple of years. I enjoy the large zoom range and appreciate that I can have my (somewhat limited) manual controls on the camera while my husband can set it to fully automatic and P&S without much worry.

That is the balance that I am trying to keep...enough control and bells and whistles for ME, and good performance on "auto" for the caveman I live with.

The two main uses of my camera:
1. Kids, kids and more kids. Fast moving ones. They move faster on grey overcast days. :lol: I do like to stay well back from the action and get them at their most natural.
2. Zoo trips. Animals and lots of them.

I have been happy with my Sony H1 and gon't want to buy a camera and have regrets that I didn't just stick with what was "working." But I have to face it, the H1 is far from perfect. I do have frustrations with some of the H1 limitations. The noise is too intolerable for me at iso 400...so I stick with a max of 200 if I can get away with it. But I feel that is limiting me severly especially on those grey days or in zoo pavillions. So I would be looking for a camera that performed well at higher than 200 iso and has really good performance in low light situations. I know that it is usually a trade off between zoom or low light performance...but the best I can get given that I don't think I'm willing to compromise on zoom.

I also am not happy with the method of manual focus on the Sony and would prefer a manual focus ring.

While I initially thought that a dSLR might be the next step for me, I don't really feel that it's one I am wanting to take right now. I'm just not at THAT point yet. But I would like something that gives me versatility as well.

So I've been thinking of the Sony H50 or the Fujifilm S100FS. Though I have recently read that the higher MP (that I don't really feel I 'need') can result in poorer picture quality??

I'm not set on buying a Sony because that is what I have. I would need to buy all new accessories anyway since the H50 and H1 don't take the same cards/batteries. So, really, I am willing to go with any make/model as long as it will serve my needs.

Am I on the right track with the two I am considering or are there other cameras out there that you would recommend instead of the H50 or S100FS?
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The problem is that both of your two cameras are just coming on to the market. Therefore, they are selling at their full list pices. That is $(US) 499.00 at www.amazon.com for the H-50 and $(US) 799.00 for the S100fs at www.buydig.com.

And there is no professional reviews that I have seen thus far on either camera.

I am also interested in these same two cameras. However, I decided to wait until some good professional reviews were available.

Sarah Joyce
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I have been looking at the S100fs with interest since it was first announced. But, as Sarah mentioned, without some decent professional reviews I don't intend to plunk down nearly $800. Feature wise, it has just about everything you could want in a camera...especially the zoom ring and manual focus ring. I have the S6000fd, and I would not like to go back to one of those toggle switch zoom levers.

The H1 is a great camera, but I recognize the limitations that you mentioned. Having used both, I can say that the S6000 blows it away in low light situations with high ISO - no comparison. Unfortuately for the consumer, it seems like both Sony and Fuji got caught up in the 'more megapixels has got to be better' and the 'my camera has more idiotic shooting modes than your camera' race, which resulted in inferior low light IQ compared to earlier models. I'm hoping that Fuji came to their senses and emphasized low light performance in this model. I don't know about Sony...since they didn't really have it to begin with, and I kind of doubt they intend to start with this model, after looking at the specs.

Regarding you question about more MP, increasing the MP does actually increase picture resolution. The problem with that is, in order to add more MP to the same size sensor, you have to make the photocells smaller, which results in poorer low light performance. All of the P&S manufacturers are currently attempting to resolve that issue with software, rather than with the hardware as they should.

Fuji went to a 2/3" sensor in the S100fs, which is huge compared to the 1/2.3". So, at least on paper, the Fuji should be able to handle low light pretty well...only time will tell.

I can't, in clear conscience recommend a current model P&S cam that would be that much better than your current cam.

Be patient.

the Hun

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