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[As much as I personally like Sony, the A-200 is a very stripped down camera. Given the choice, I would very opt for spending more and getting a better camera such as the Olympus E-620.]

I personally love my Sony A200 and it was a major improvement over my Fuji S9100. It may be stripped down compared to the Sony A700 or a Canon 1Ds Mark III but it does the job that it needs to do for what I do and I don't consider myself an armature.

There have been some very good points raised int his thread. One thing I would like to add is that it seems like camera makers are starting to gravitate towards using SDHC cards vs CF cards in newer models. I guess since more point and shoots are using them than CF cards they can use that as a selling point to first time DSLR buyers.

I have been looking for a backup or a new camera body to go with my A200 and the newer models at least that Sony is coming out with (they non multi thousand dollar pro models) are less than what I already own in terms of features, so they is a real shift in the camera market happening now. Also the new models do not support CF cards just SDHC and for someone like me that has 32GB of memory cards I carry with me at all times (2x 8GB Extreme IIIs and a 16GB 133x card) the cost to replace the cards with the same caliber and capacity is costly.

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After contacting a good friend of mine who just swithed over from Pentax and borrowing his K20 D that is now his back up camera. I have decided to send my camera back as I was very disappointed in the cameras abilities.The camera does take great pictures however the wildlife and sports that have rapid movement was the disappointing part. I now first hand understand about sports shooting with Pentax. If, I did not shoot sports or at least want to be able to the K20 is a great camera. I plan to put the DSLR upgrade on hold for now until I find something that more meets my needs. I think for now my FZ-18 will do the job.

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Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post
I hope that you will excuse me if I become a "devil's adovocate" for a few moments. As a professional, I have lugged DSLR cameras and a bag of assorted lenses for many years.

I offer this bit of wisdom: A DSLR camera is a continuing investment program, that gets progressively more expensive over the years. In addition, I frankly got tired of hauling that much equipment around all the time.

Last year, I decided to try both the Panasonic FZ-28 and the Sony H-50. my back thanked me a lot. And do you know what? I got photos that had a tad bit of less IQ, but were, none the less just about as good with a great deal more ease of operation. Frankly, I began to enjoy my photography a whole lot more. And I saved a ton of money, while having a whole lot more fun.

It is just a thought, but hey, I like having fun and saving money!

Sarah Joyce
I agree with this as I use my Nikon P90 most of the time.
For different situations such as low light I will use my Pentax K10D.
Plus I like the fact that the IS/VR is in the body so I can use any Pentax lens ever made, such as the 50mm 1:1.4 lens.

So there is a time and place for both type of cameras.
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