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You'll need to decide that. ;-)

For best color in artificial lighting, a custom white balance is usually a very good idea. That allows the camera to measure the temperature of the lighting from a photographic gray or white card (and almost anything white can work in a pinch) in order to reduce color casts (so that white looks more white versus orange, green, etc.).

But, many users never use a custom white balance and stick to either Auto White Balance or the available White Balance presets (for example, Sunny, Cloudy, Tungsten, Flourescent) instead.

How an image is processed also tends to vary a bit between models and I haven't looked at this Kodak that closely to try and better judge it's behavior. You'll have to decide what looks best to your eyes.

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The Z712 auto white balance is one of the best around and I generally find I don't have to do color adjustments on my very similar Z612.It also may well have most useable high ISO capability of any 1/2.5 sensor camera. The 36mm minimum focal length may be a limitation in some of your shooting situations but its in-camera panoramic capability can be used to overcome that limitation in landscape and archetectural shots. Not much help in people shots however.

Other cameras on your list do have a better close focusing capability than the Z712 has but to put this in perspective the actual subject width at the Z712's closest focus will be 2.75" wide. I have found on my very similar Z612 that is sufficient to absolutely fill the frame withany of the flowers my wife grows. My other macro test subjects are usually pieces from her salt and pepper shaker collection.If, on the other hand, the idea is to fill the frame with the head of a fly then other cameras are more suitable.

Two contributors to these forums that have posted a variety of Z712 photos are mtclimber (Sarah Joyce Weber) and Alan T. Alan T. has posted some landscape panoramics.
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Thanks a lot ac.smith for that wonderful and informative post. i am now convinced that i will go ahead with z712. i have a couple of questions regarding what batteries/cards to purchase and for that i am opening up a new thread in the kodak section. i hope u can help with ur advice there...

thanks again.

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