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augustS Dec 10, 2006 1:36 AM

First you should know my experience is with film cameras. Trying to decipher the settings on advanced dig. cameras makes my head spin. I was setting myself up for the Canon 30D until the new K10D make it appearance. People are comparing the K10D to the new XTi, I suppose based on price. Shouldn't the comparison be with the 30D instead?

I gather the XTi's user interface is not a clean as the 30D's. How does the K10D compare to the 30D in that regard?

The Pentax has the pentaprism, the internal SR and the 10MBs. The 30D has that proven CMOS chip and a huge user base. I am interested in only two lenses: an ultra-wide (zoom?) and a 100mm Macro. I will be doing considerable Photoshop work on each image and 20x24 inch+ b/w prints.

Much thanks for any information.

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