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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a new P&S for myself, and my ideal set-up would be one with a vari-angle screen, an optical viewfinder, and Leica glass. I'm always eyeing off the Panasonic Lumix line of cameras, and i know Canon has a couple this style too.

I just need it to accompany my SLR & lenses, as my small back-up, mostly, and if i'm on an assignment i'd like it to look a little more serious than the average P&S, should i need, or choose, to use it.

The viewfinder is important because i just hate the difficulty of screen-only cameras (i'm in the ski industry so always on the snow, ie.,extreme light) ...... and i want a vari-angle LCD screen, because, well, i just love the sneaky aspect to them! I'm going to Morocco next month, and hoping to get some sneaky pics of some of the locals without them hounding me for money for capturing their image!

I've already owned 2 P&S's with this type of screen, the Nikon 8700, and the Casio P505 ... they're so versatile and fun.

I've tried the Panasonic website, and also gone through several of the Lumix reviews here, but that's going to take forever to wade through, so i'm asking for anyone to throw out their knowledge of the Lumix line of cameras ... or else any site than does cross-reference lists of cameras with certain feature ... ie., vari-angle screens AND optical viewfinders.

Any comments at all will be appreciated. Thanks! Jane
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Emjay wrote:
I'm looking for a new P&S for myself, and my ideal set-up would be one with a vari-angle screen, an optical viewfinder, and Leica glass. [emphasis mine. -TCav]...
You will only find Leica lenses on Panasonic P&S digicams.

The Panasonic Lumix FZ50 is on Steve's Best Cameras list, has a Leica lens and an adjustable 2 inch LCD display. Strictly speaking, it doesn't have an 'optical viewfinder'; what it has is an eye-level eyepiece for another electronic viewfinder. Most P&S digicams that have articulating LCD displays are the high-end models, which also have long zoom ranges, and long zoom ranges are hard to do with something that would fit the textbook definition of an 'optical viewfinder'.

If you can expand your criteria to include Carl Zeiss lenses, those are only available on Sony P&S digicams. The Sony Cybershot H50 is also on Steve's Best Cameras list and has an adjustable3 inch LCD Display.
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Canon SX10 IS, Canon S5is, Canon A650IS, Sony H50, Fuji S100fs
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