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jeffday Jun 5, 2005 12:56 PM


I beginn in this world of digital camera. I want to take photo of my trip, and make big printing of the nicest picture (50 cm * 70 cm). Do I need a 8MP or a 7MP is enough? What is the best below 1000 dollars or even bellow 800 dollars? I saw that the olympus 8080 seems good, but is it enough with the sony G6 ? Or do I have to take the digital rebel 300? I am a bit lost.... I hope you could help me.

Thanks in advance.


SinRastro Jun 5, 2005 1:33 PM


Lets start with something...

First Question... here´s the Official answer... Digital Image Submission Criteria

If I have to speak by my experience... I have print 2MP files at 30 x 40 cm. and get really nice results.

If you ask 7 or 8 MP there´s really not much difference at that point...

Cameras subject...

Olympus 8080 is an SLR-like, the Sony G6 :?: or you mean de Canon G6 wich is also and SLR-like?

If you go with the EOS DR 300 that´s an DSRL, but if you want MP you are going down,... that´s 6.3MP But I highly recommens this one over the others if you know something about photography,... it would be really frustating if you just start into the Photography field with a SRL... you will ask yourself WHY THIS CAMERA IS THAT EXPENSIVE!?!?! PICTURES SUCK! and actually is not the camera... it is you :D

So lets make a conclusion to all this...

If you got Photography knowledge and you wish to get a nice DSRL cam under $1000 Go for EOS 300 or EOS 350D.

If you are new to photography and wanna have big pics with just a click... get a V3 or W1 or those kind of P&S cameras.

I hope this helps...

Good luck!

PeterP Jun 5, 2005 1:38 PM

(50cm * 70cm)=(20 * 28 inches) is huge, and while any cameras images can be interpolated up to the required size for output that big, the image qaulity may not be so good. It all depends on what you feel is acceptable to you.

For an image that size, even the output from a 1Ds-mkII(16-megapixel) would require a large amount of interpolation to get to that output size. :shock:


Alan T Jun 5, 2005 10:03 PM

jeffday wrote:

......I want to take photo of my trip, and make big printing of the nicest picture (50 cm * 70 cm). Do I need a 8MP or a 7MP is enough?......
It all depends on how fussy you are, and how close you and your fellow viewers are going to stand to the big image when it's hung on a wall. If you're willing to stand twice as far away, you need half as many pixels along each side to give acceptable resolution, which means a quarter as many megapixels on your camera.

Making sure the image is sharp, by having a good lens and using a tripod and by applyingjust the right amount of sharpening in post-processing, is just as important as the number of pixels.

Good luck,

Alan T

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