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The "12X" really doesn't tell you much about the lens, other than it's longest zoom is 12 times its widest. The camera industry uses 35mm equivalence as a way of comparing differing systems. It's supposed to indicate the samefield of view you would getat a particular focal length with a35mm film camera. According to what I've read about the H5, its lens is equivalent to 36-432 in 35mm terms. The Pentax package you were looking at would be equivalent to 27-300 (take the actual numbers from the two lenses and multiply by 1.5, because the sensor is smaller than 35mm film). That means that you have over 11X range. What's more important is the actual numbers - the Pentax lens combination would offer you a wider angle to start with (27 compared to 36)but isn't as long (300 compared to 432). From what you've said, I think you'd probably benefit from the wider angle more than the extra length offered by the Sony camera, unless you were high up in the grandstands all the time. And in the "for-what-its-worth" category - for some reason, I couldn't keep an FZ30 (similar focal length to the H5) steady at its longest, so if it were me, I'd never use the longest part of the zoom. You could be much steadier than I was.

I have both these lenses, along with several others. I use the 50-200 lens muchof the time because its a focal range I personally like, and I would think you'd probably use this one mostly at horse shows. I actually prefer the color from the kit lens a very littlebit more, but I don't do much with wide angle. These two lenses might be all you would need, they are certainly a good start.
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I agree very much with mtngal. The K100D with the kit lens and the Pentax 50-200mm lens will most probably be all that you need. That combination will also provide a lot of value and a great camera with which to gain experience and to perfect your skills. I own the same setup and actually find that I use the 50-200mm lens more than the kit lens.

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