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What I'm looking for is something that'll fit in a jacket pocket (1.5" thick at most), gets decent flash pics at night (8-10'), and makes good 4x6 prints, and has an optical viewfinder. I have an old Sony T1 right now and, as cool as it was when it was new, the people shots just aren't very good at night. The flash falls off around 3-4 feet. :roll: It's also nearly impossible to use in bright sunlight.

I don't care about movie modes, 10x zoom, huge LCDs, 15megapixels, etc. Just something that will take good people snapshots indoors or out, day or night. Enough resolution for 4x6 prints with minimal cropping. Optical viewfinder for bright days. Good quality small-room indoor photos.

A quick look says the Sony DSC-W100 fits my needs on paper. Overkill on the resolution but the 1250 ISO is up there. I don't trust the >19' flash rating but 8' might be a reasonable expectation.

Are there any other cameras I should be looking at?
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Fuji F30 is almost unanimously known as the best low light P&S. There are lot of reviews around the 'net, check them out. It's small, but not tiny and takes a great picture. There are probably some other good choices too... lets see what others say.

Dimensions: 3.6x2.2x1.1in (93x57x28mm)

I'm not sure if it's shipping yet, but the F31fd has a neat face detection feature that really optimizes your shots when people are looking at the camera. It works well and is more than just a gimmick (a few other companies have this feature too).

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Yeah, I saw the F30. Nice except for the lack of an optical viewfinder. (That really bothers me on my T1. Can't see a darn thing in bright sunlight and low light is murky. I'll certainly take a look at it in a store, though, before deciding.

I don't know if the higher ISO would really be useful. Seems like I'd be getting a lot more noise at 3200 equiv. I might be better off carrying a little slave flash for times when I need just a little more light.
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