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Default Which Waterproof Camera Should I Buy?

I am not a photographer. I am interested in exploring photography and I would like to buy a waterproof camera that will allow me to do so. I do a lot of water activities, so the convenience of a waterproof camera makes sense for me.

I want a camera that I can zoom in (100'???), take continuous pics of my moving dog, use snorkeling (not scuba), do a lot of point and shoot if I don't feel like messing with the settings, and will give me sharp pics. I'd like it if the screen was somewhat glare-proof. I'm not so interested in video or gps. Different filters would be fun to play with....but, should not be the deciding factor. Internal memory would be nice, but again, not a deciding factor. Reliability is key. And, I'd like it to be lightweight. I'd like to keep it to $250, but am willing to go as high as $400, if it really means a difference.


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I am finding that I really like my Panasonic Lumix TS3 caI know it was recently replaced with the TS4. The TS4 is selling for about $310 and I am not sure of the zoom will be long enough for you or not (its 4.6x). The main thing with this camera is that I have it to use in the rain, snow around fire and rescue situations and also for times when I need a camera I can put in my back pocket and whip out as needed to get photos. I work for a newspaper do I need a food sharp camera that I can use in hazardous situations and get great photos and so far thsi camera has been working perfectly for me. I would strongly recommend an extra battery (look for the Wasabi battery 1400mAh on Amazon) and a 16GB SDHC card in the class 6 to 10 range (if you want to use the burst mode). I would not use the internal memory especially if you use burst mode as it seems to very slow to write.

Hope this helps.

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Maybe look at Canon's D20- see Steve's latest review...
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Default Olympus Tough TG-820 iHS

Thanks! I really appreciate your recommendations. I'm looking into those now...but, does anyone have an opinion on the Olympus Tough TG-820 iHS? Are the Panasonic and Canon better ($80.00 more than Olympus)? I need to decide quickly...going to St. Lucia next week....just really afraid of the failure rate of these cameras!
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It's amazing that when you want to ask a question, a lot of times someone is asking the same thing!

Not to hijack your thread (just create some more dialogue) but... I'm looking at GoPro cameras. Have you looked at them as a possibility? They seem all the rage, and frankly I wonder why. I had a Panasonic waterproof (that proved to be not waterproof after about a year... that might be of interest to you), well before I ever even heard of a GoPro. I wonder what the difference is between GoPros and waterproof cameras that have seemingly been out there well before.

GoPros are not attractive, with an interface that seems archaic at-a-glance... with a blocky design. They aren't any more portable. And from ones I've seen, image quality is not even a question.

My other question is whether (if I'm going to buy a $200-ish GoPro) I'm better off buying a waterproof housing for my SD4000 (a camera with loads more quality; the only thing it wouldn't have is the durability that the GoPro should) instead.
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I've had good experience with Panasonic, my TS1 is still going strong after all these years, including several water dunkings. I avoid Sony like the plague, due to their touch screen obsession and atrocious noise reduction. If I had to buy a best waterproof camera now, I'd probably go with the Nikon. It's got the best image quality based on the sample images I've seen, and doesn't seem to give up any features compared to other cameras. Canon should really rethink their design philosophy and they might have my attention.

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