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Miklos Jul 25, 2006 9:49 AM

Hello all,

I currently use a Coolpix 950 with a wide angle and tele add-on lens. I use the wide angle add-on relatively often, the tele add-on very seldom.

I am quite happy with it (most of the time) - but I recently started thinking about maybe upgrading.

The biggest difference between current cameras and the CP950 is resolution. I have 2.1 mp, while pretty much all current cameras have significantly more.

However: I do not need more then 2.1 mp. I watch my pictures on my projector (projected to a 100 inch screen)- which has a lower than 2.1 resolution, but still gives breathtaking images. So I really would not gain anything from the higher resolution.

What I would like to have however:

- I would prefer to have a (built in) lens which has a nice wide-angle ( 28 mm or less) ( maybe a dSLR with a nice wide angle?)

- with the CP 950 I sometimes have pictures with bright areas washed out, or with dark areas w/o details. Some newer cameras (I think) can adjust for extreme brightness differences

- some of my pictures are not 100% sharp. This may be due to an incorrectly working autofocus or to not enough light. A better autofocus and a better functioning auto sensitivity functionality could help

So: should I upgrade? Which camera(s) should I look at?

Thanks for any ideas,


mtclimber Jul 25, 2006 10:00 AM


The choice to purchase a new camera is entirely up to you. There are just a few point and shoot camers that have a wideangle asa standard feature. They are:

Panasonic FX01 - $250

Canon S-80 - $400

Kodak V-570 -$260

I have listed the cameras and their low internet prices. Note also that the wide angle lens available on the Kodak V-570 is 23mm.

You might find a used model such as the Canon S-50 on ebay.


slipe Jul 25, 2006 12:15 PM

Since you are considering a DSLR it would appear size isn't a big factor. About the only type of camera you can buy that will give you better dynamic range than what you already have is a DSLR. And as you have already surmised, lenses are a lot better than adapters.

I think they have generally improved the autofocus on newer cameras, although I still read reviews of cameras that hunt some – especially at full zoom. But your 950 is supposed to be a good focusing camera and you have manual focus for backup.

Many new cameras display a histogram which is helpful in determining whether you want to blow highlights or have blocked shadows. Most people shoot for the highlights and bring the shadows up in post processing when high dynamic range situations require a choice. Once the highlights are blown they are gone but the shadows can usually be recovered.

Overall you own a camera that is pretty hard to beat if 2Mp is sufficient for you. Probably the only thing you will be happy with as a true upgrade would be a DSLR.

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