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erik-b Jun 18, 2008 1:51 PM

Hi! I am looking for a good camera (no dslr) for pictures at night, and low shutter-speed during the day, like waterfalls for example. Most (non-dslr) have a big noise problem , even at iso 100. I hope you can give me some suggestions, because I realy don't know. The camera's might be even old one's , starting from 5 megapix will be ok.

Hope to hear from you!

Erik. (using at this moment a sony f717)

rinniethehun Jun 18, 2008 8:15 PM


You're right about the noise problem with non-DSLR cameras. However, the Fuji's, particularly some of the older ones were probably the best in low light/high ISO situations. Two that come to mind are the F31 and the S6000 (both discontinued models). If you go to this site...

...and select 'all cameras', then the Fuji's, you can compare the still life ISO pictures against other cameras to get an idea of how they stack up at higher ISO settings. Two of the newest Fuji's, the F100fd and the S100fs are probably the best of the current generation of cameras for your purposes.

Good luck with your search.

the Hun

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