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BTW, look into the Kodak P712; it's $200 less than the FZ50.
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Mark1616 wrote:
Hi Rudo,

I don't think you mentioned what sort of photography you wanted to use it for as this might make a difference.
Just my opinion but hope it helps.

I use the camera for all kinds of photography. I shoot portrets a lot, nature (like birds,horses), my children (allways running around somewhere) but I also use it for snapshots on hollidays. What I also like to shoot is insects and flowers (macro's).

My main priority is to have a tele lens with the reach of the FZ30 or beyond (because I also use the 1.7 teleconverter).....

Someone here mentioned the K100d from Pentax, that is not a really expensive camera, but any suggestions on what lenses to get with that.

Thanks foor all the replies so far!

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Getting the same sort of range as you are used to is not going to be cheap!! On a DSLR with a 1.5x (Nikon, Sony, Pentax) or 1.6x (Canon) you would be looking at getting approx 450 to 500mm. You will get a 70-300mm lens quite cheap but the extra length will put the price up hugely. If you need this range on a budget then I would look at one of the prosumer cameras (which I know little to nothing about so will leave this to one of the more knowledgeable people her) if you don't need all of the range now and would like to expand your kit as you have the money the DSLR is going to give you far more options and you will get the ability to work with higher ISOs due to the larger CCD/CMOS sensors in DSLRs.
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