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The motor in my current HP camera --- wait? Is it really a camera :blah:? Anyway, the motor's dying and I'm in need of a new camera... I'be love it if I could use it ata concert I'm going to be going to... and I absolutely cannot use flash. So I'm assuming that means a camera that has a wide aperture or a longer shutter speed? (I'm not very advanced in cameras, :roll A friend who knows her camera stuff suggested the Sony V1... and I see one on ebay for $100 ... but the link won't copy and paste and I'm NOT copying it out... any help is appreciated.
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I know nothing about the Sony camera you mentioned.

All cameras with manual controls can do slow shutter speeds. The problem is usually that pictures of moving objects with slow shutter speeds are blurry. I think there is some motion at a concert. You need a camera with useable high ISO ratings. The 2 that come to my mind are the Fuji FinePix F10 and the just released Fuji S5200. They cost over 300 bucks. They supposedly do ok at ISO 800 and 1600. The F10 has just a 3X optical zoom which may not be enough unless you're right next to the stage. The S5200 has a 10X optical zoom, which would be better.

Other people have different suggestions, I am sure. Those were my suggestions.

Good luck!
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The small Fuji F10 is supposed to have good noise control at ISO800, the best in its class, I understand. The main drawback is that the F10 is strictly an automatic camera with no optical viewfinder. But if you are just looking for something to use in low light, it might be worth looking at.
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The Fuji F-10 is a great choice, in fact the best in my opinion. However if you want more zoom range. Take a look at the Fuji S-5200. A camera with lower ISO capability can do the job but you have to be careful.

Here is a photo taken with the Kodak P-850 at ISO 400.


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