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but, I am almost positive I have made my mind up. I am probably going to go to buydig.com and get the package. Cheaper than buying everything separate.
If you haven't made the purchase yet, I suggest you check out Cameta on eBay. I got my D50 there and I'm really happy with what I got (D50, 18-55, 70-300 and Nikon bag for $680). That package would normally cost $140 more.

A quick check of 18-55 and 55-200 package shows this:


The cleaning kit they include are el cheapo generic stuff, and so is the battery. But for what you would pay on buydig, you can get the same stuff plus at least a Nikon bag or memory card on Cameta. Just look through them and make sure you don't get the refurbished lens (the new ones will say USA 5 year warranty). Oh, they have tons of packages, so enjoy your choices and just use the "buy it now option".

Good Luck!

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checked out cameta on ebay. There are so many little differences on each one, I dont know which one would be better. I looked specifically at auction # 760538400. If you dont mind looking and letting me know which one is better. I want 2 lens and at least a 1gb card. I kindof like the idea of those sd reader cards too.The price difference isnt that big of a deal. Most of them are within $100 of each other.

thanks for your help

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Thought I had it in the bag, but being very niave about dslr I was unaware thatthey do not have live lcd? Iguess I didnt look that hard into them. The only one I have found is the Olympus e330 which is rather expensive for me.

I am not quite sure how I feel about this. Is the picture quality worth not having the live lcd??

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When you use the eye level viewfinder on the Nikon D-50, or any other DSLR camera for that matter, you achieve two rather important things:

(1) You have an excellent live view with all of your camera's information in sight.

(2) With the geometery of the camera at eye level supported by your two arms in an angular fashion taping to the sides of your body, you essentially have a easy to use, always ready, conveniently built-in tripod. That serves to add substantially to reducing camera motion and giving you very sharp photos.

When you camera is held out at arm's length so that the LCD screen can be viewed, there is a much higher probability of camera movement, because you are indeed pressing down on the shutter release button on the camera.

Yes, the quality of your images in a DSLR camera are indeed measurably higher than in a point and shoot camera. However, the bottom line is that you have to feel comfortable and at ease with the camera you are using. So, at the end of the day, the choice is entirely up to you.

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