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Hello everyone,

I was looking for a camera and not quiet sure which to buy. I was looking for something under 200$ that took good pictures. No preference on indoor/outdoor because I use it for both. It doesnt have to be fancy, just nice clear picture that I can upload/save to computer etc. Is there such a camera? Thank you.
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There are lots of great cameras out there for under $200. Most of them will probably not do quite so well indoors as more expensive ones (if the more expensive ones have wider apertures, bigger sensors, image stabilization, or better high-ISO performance), but unless it's really dark, they'll take great pictures.

The top recommendations would probably be the Canon A510 and A520, or the slightly older Fuji E500 and E510. If you want something smaller, there's the Sony S40 and the Casio S100. If you want more zoom, there's the Fuji S5000 and S3000, the Panasonic FZ1 and LZ2, and the Olympus C 740.

You can find cameras under $200 listed and compared at


The S5000 is a VERY good camera with all kinds of features, including tons of zoom. I think that would be my top recommendation. The Canon A510/A520 and Fuji E500/E510 are smaller, take good pictures, and have tons of features, just less zoom, so they're really excellent deals. The under-$200 Panasonics don't have quite so many features, but they do have awesome zoom lenses. The LZ2 is 5 megapixels and the FZ1 is only 2 megapixels, but the FZ1 (with its super-fast image-stabilized 12x-zoom Leica lens, one of the sharpest of ANY digital camera) can take truly great pictures, as you can see at


I hope tha helps.

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Watch out for the zoom. At that price you should get optical zoom. Every camera has digital zoom - there is a bit of discussion about whether digital zoom is purely a marketing scam, but there is no discussion about optical being much better.
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