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The Kodak P850 has image stabilization. I don't think the P880 (with its 5.6X optical zoom) does. The Canons that you mentioned all do, I believe. Check the reviews on this site for details.
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Most of cameras mentioned here are with wide angle macro which is problematic in many aspects, small lens to target distance makes lightning hard and camera easily shadows target, also those wide angle macros cause quite a lot of distortion, "corner" softness (not so limited to corners) and CA.

For example Kodak P850's macro capabiltiy is quite limited... and P880 is again that wide angle macro and here's style demonstrations what wide angle macros "average" distortion and corner softness means:
(+P880 lacks stabilization)

Those Canons are similarly wide angle macro cameras.

I would suggest looking KonicaMinolta A200, area captured by its tele macro is nearly as small as that of those wide angle macros but distortions, corner softness and CA are magnitudes lower. Also lens to target distance is ~13cm (5") which leaves nicely space for lightning.

As example here's test shot I took few months ago in very lousy lightning, only light was coming from small window and I stood steadily on my legs and didn't support hands or camera to anything.

ExposureTime 1/25 s
FNumber F3.5
Flash no, flash was off
FocalLength 50.80 mm
FocalLengthIn35mmFilm 200.00 mm
ISOSpeedRatings 200 (6.00 EV)
LightSource cloudy weather
SubjectDistanceRange macro
WhiteBalance manual
Minolta MakerNote
AntiShakeData used
FocusArea spot
FocusContinuous off
FocusDistance 0.25 m
FocusMode AF

Click image for bigger photo to see details better, as an example reading numbers of those small surface mount components on left side is nearly impossible without magnification glass.
Depth of field is very shallow because I had to use widest aperture but getting better lightning for allowing smaller aperture would be extremely easy and already couple stops smaller aperture gives much longer depth of field.
Also Anti-Shake stabilization gave three stops longer shutter time (1/25s) than that what would be considered longest shake free shutter time for that focal length. (=1/200s)

BillDrew wrote:
louloutoyou wrote:
... I must get the letters on coins, medals etc., ...
If that is the critical use of the camera, a tripod will serve you much better than image stabilization. A remote shutter release is also nice, though using the self timer will avoid shake from pushing the shutter release.
Now I would assume those would be photographed on table so it could be possible to support elbows to table to lower biggest movement.
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Hi ET, went to look for a Minolta A200 cost is way over my budget, I can't find one under 550.00 U.S. or more.

Do you have any experience with Olympus camera, the C5500 was not bad at all, problem I broke the under wiring that attachs the camera to a tripod. I went and bought the Canon S2 does the work but it's much too complex for the work I do, plus it gets heavy after couple of dozens pictures I take.

Any other suggestion? :roll:
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Loulou again, I forgot to say I never use the zoom... I don't need it at all.. it only makes blurry images with the coins and medals.
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