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I've been reading around here for some time now, following the new fuji's (5200 and 9000), the kodak p850, etc.and for all my research, looking at reviews, comparison pics, etc. I still can't decide! We are definitely going to the Grand Canyon in two weeks, so I need to buy the camera pronto. So here's what I need.

cost-I'm thinking $700 or less, but money really isn't an issue. (I just don't know enough to be worth a camera more than that.)

user level-Needs tohave a great auto-function, as that's me. I will read a manual and learn to do more, but the auto needs to be superb.

color-I admit the Kodak sways me just because I love kodak film processing. The color is always so much better, richer. But is it enough better to be worth getting the P850 even if the camera isn't as fast or nice as the Fuji 5200? Seemslike at theGrand Canyon, color isthe point and needs to be right.

zoom-Definitely at least 6, beyond that is just perks. I'm saying I would be open to the Olympus 8080 if somebody said that was better for me than the Fuji 5200 or Kodak P850. That also means I'm open to the P880. (or any other brand with moderatezoom)

shutter lag-This is huge to me.The canon s2is is luggish to use, feels slow. Thefuji 5200 feels "just right". They didn't have the battery charged yet on the panasonics, so I haven't been able to play with them much. The kodak was at another store, so I need tolook at it today.

I have no interest in dSLR's, but am willing to go with an entry-level one like the Oly E300 if you think that will give me better pictures. And did I mention it's KILLING me that the sony with the new, bigger sensor is supposed to be out in November and not in time for our trip... Anybody know when it will be out and if it will be here in time?

So I'm pretty open-minded. Any suggestions?

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i think there is no better camera for the grand canyon than the Kodak P880, given its 8 megapixel 24mm wide zoom. the shots of grand canyon vistas should be outstanding.

as far as price....

*Dell has the P880 on sale for $509 now. Use code C0K8VM63KBZ73M (from http://www.techbargains.com) to get an additional $60 off.

**the code may expire or change over time. the site above seems to have the latest bargain codes for a variety of stuff at Dell, etc.

best of luck!
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Yes, I certainly agree! If money is no object at all, just purchase the P-880 from Kodak, or perhaps you may choose to use you ever handy Nikon 8400 to take great wide angle photos of Grand Canyon.

Folks, let's be honest, shall we,this girl can purchase but one digital camera in the last few days before she leaves for the Grand Canyon, and it isn't going to be a Kodak P-880, directly from Kodak! Why? Because, they are only available from Kodak at FULL LIST PRICE! Dell might not ship until December 23rd. Please do not hold yor breath!

Is there no realism in this forum?

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