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Hi there guys ,

I would like to buy a camera that prints date and time on the photos

so i will be able in years to come to look back and know when i took them

i like the "Sony DSC-H1 cyber-shot" or the "Canon PowerShot S2 IS"

but as far as i read they don't have this option .

can someone please recomend a camera that prints the date and time and is in the same level and style of the above cameras .

Thanks alot

Daniel Levy
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I don't own either of the cameras you list but a quick search on google and I found that the Sony can.

Setup Mode
-> Camera 1-> Date / Time
Determines whether the date and / or time is overlaid on captured images.

Although I could not find how to do it with the Canon, I would be suprised if you can not.

Also you can get this information from a soft copy of the image from the EXIF informtion. Thus not spoiling the image.

If you are printing hard copies, would adding it along with other information such as location before printing be an option?

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) format is used by nearly all digital cameras to store extended camera information. It contains information about the time and date that an image was taken, together with exposure information such as ISO-speed, shutter time and aperture used.
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Now did you intend to print paperphotos?
If you'll whatch photos with computer there's date and time inside JPEG file in EXIF data.

KonicaMinolta A200 could have that, at least previous cameras of that (Konica)Minolta serie have had option for "imprinting" those to photo.
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thanks for your reply but in the sony site lease copy and paste the site (don't click)


in the Specifications

"Date/Time Stamp: No/No"

this is in the model H2 and not the H1

as the function dose not appear at all in the H1 Specifications .

Let me know what you think opn the issue,



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Most (if not all) higher end cameras don't have the timestamp option. This was somthing I was hooked on when I had it.. now that I don't with my S2.. I really don't miss it.. Frankly glad I don't have it. ALL too often I had to clone out godly red dates becauseI wanted to enlarge a photo.

What I do is (with the Canon software), rename all my photo filenames so they include the date taken. When I print out photos, it's printed right on the back... If I look through photos, it's also easy to find photos obviously due to the file name.

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From what I can make out from several sites the H1 can imprint the date on the image, The H2 can not.
This is detailed on page 52 of the H1 user guide:- http://www.docs.sony.com/release/DSCH1.pdf

The S2 comes with software that will imprint the date if required when printing. There are also many 3rd party applications available that will do this from the date embedded in the EXIF information in file, thus expanding your options.

Personally, I would not let this feature be a decider in what camera to buy. You may whish to take advantage of the experience the vast user base this site has and state what you want from a camera and what options you are considering and why and give some background as to your own experience in photography.

Hope this helps.


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