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wine540 Oct 9, 2005 5:17 PM


My Casio P600 was stolen and I need to replace it. There are newer cameras with better features. I liked the compact size, good resolution (6 mp), excellent Canon lenswith a great 4 to 1 zoom and extensive feature set. I use the camera for documentation in my clinic and general shooting: travel, parties and family events. I use a Nikon D100 in the operating room and for artsy fartsy stuff. I had a Casio Z40 but it was too light and the resolution wasn't sufficient. I had a Canon G2 prior to that, but it was too clunky. I like a camera that could easily fit in a coat pocket or I could wear with a belt case. The Canon S80 and the Fuji E900 are strong candidates. The Nikon 8400 and Canon G6 are too bulky. The Casio Z55 or Canon SD550 are too small and sacrifice both zoom range and resolution. I am open to other suggestions. I am concerned about the Fuji service experience with the F700 and the lack of a RAW mode in the Canon S80. I don't know much about the Fuji 9 mp sensor ( 9 mp 1/1.6") The sensor in the Canon - 8 mp - has a rep for noise, but is this a new sensor. I need Steve to review these cameras!

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