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Very soon here I'm going to purchase a digital SLR. I have an old Nikon FG-20, which I never use since purchasing a digital point and shoot several years ago. Now that my children are 4 & 6 (becoming more independent) I'm ready to go back to the SLR, but I'm spoiled to digital. Also, I have Adobe CS, where I do alot of editing and therefore want a good camera to showcase special effects.

I have a budget of $1500. I'm looking at the following: Nikon D70s and the Canon 20D. As long as I get the necessities up front, I thought I could add additional accessories in 6 months. I'm going to need some time to play around and get used to the Camera.

I would love to purchase good items knowing that I can use them in the future if and when I decide to upgrade... so please consider this in your recommendations.

I can't wait to here what you have for me!

Thanks, Karen

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Just a thought.. Have you considered the Rebel XT?

You're going to jump over 1500 I think once you get a couple usable lenses, memory cards and other items.
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If I have your budget, here's what I would get, in order of preference:

1) 20D w/ 17-85mm IS USM lens. With this, the next time you need to buy a new camera is at least 4 years away! Both techwise, it's used by lots of wedding photographers, and builtwise, this thing is made of magnesium alloy not polycarbonate plastic like the ones below.

2) Canon Rebel XT with battery/vertical grip. Get it with 17-85mm IS USM lens. The battery grip will make the camera a little bigger and heavier for stability. Try it out, and if you're a guy, chances are it's too small for your hands.

3) The D70s, at less than $1000 that includes a $330 kit lens, it's the best bargain out there. It can produce great pics. Maybe use the extra money for other lens, camera bag, tripod and trips to your nearest National Parks.

4) The D50. I think your budget is high enough, that you can skip this great camera. It's missing annoying things like a second control knob and lighting on top window screen. But if you get this, you have more money for better lens. Be sure to skip the kit lens and go with D70s kit lens (18-70mm).

As for where to buy it, I'd go with Adorama.com, bhphotovideo.com and beachcamera.com (also known as buydig.com). These stores are legit and they don't charge tax for buyers outside NY. Check out resellerratings.com and don't fall for those scams of really cheap prices from sites ran from Crooklyn... err Brooklyn, NY.

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Thanks for the replies.

I have thought about the Rebel XT, however after reading review after review I lean towards the 20D or D70s. For no other reason that previously owning a Nikon, I tend to want to go towards them, but I don't have any solid reasons.

I'm also VERY interested in the digital software that downloads to the compter since I enjoy post editing.

I'm probably going to go over my budgeted $1500, but I need to stay close. Here are my choices right nowover about $150, so I can't push it any more. (not in any particular order)

Which one gives me the most growing room along with a good starting set up:

D70s w/ 18-70mm lens, Sandisk 1GB, SB-800, 50mm 1.8 lens, and backup battery.


D20 18-55mm, backup battery, Sandisk 1GB. 580ex(I think this is the flash)

If I get the 20D I have to take the kit lens ( prefer the17-85, but can't do), and I'll also have to wait on the 50MM ( could probably sneak it by my husband in about a month, but it will have to be the 50mm 1.8)

I live in a small town and locally there is only a Canon dealer - which would be nice.

Oh, one more thought... after reading so much I can't remember where I read this, but the general thought was that if you could wait a month or two the 20 would drop in price since the 30D just came out. I don't want to wait, but I could. I want to order the cameral within the next week.


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