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Default What camera shots good low light HD vids?

Greetings. I am new to the forum, but have used the siteís resources to research past camera purchases.

I currently have a Canon PowerShot SX1 IS. I like it for its versatility Ė good pictures and ok HD video. I find myself taking as many movies these days as pictures and I want to upgrade to a camera that takes better low light HD video and is a bit more responsive with the flash. The Canon takes great videos when Iím outside, but inside itís very grainy and very disappointing.

I know there are plenty of cameras that are capable of shooting in 720p and/or 1080p. I am just not sure which is the best in low light. I realize the camera will never shoot with the same quality as a camcorder, but I do not want to carry around a camera and a camcorder.

Iíve been using Canons for man years, but am willing to look at another brand.

Here is some of what I prefer in a camera: 720p or 1080p video (of course), look/feel of an SLR, SD memory, tilt or swivel LCD, image stabilizer, built-in flash, zoom capability during movie mode and 20x zoom. I normally take photos using the auto settings, so having advanced manual controls is not that important to me. Iím looking to spend no more than $800.

I appreciate any insights.
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Welcome to the Forum. We're glad that you dropped by.

By and large, dedicated camcorders have a substantially greater low light level capability. So that may indeed be the first area to check out. Canon has some very good camcorders.

The lowest priced DSLR camera that incorporates HD video is the Pentax Kx model, Nikon D-5000 model, and the Canon T-1 model.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks for the reply, Sarah. I want to stick with one device - preferably a digital camera rather than camcorder

Is there one camera, lens type or video recording format that is superior to others when recording HD video? I can't imagine they are all created equal when it comes to video.

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Canon T1i and T2i both does 1080 along with 720. The T2i is new and has better video software, letting it shoot at 24fps vs 20fps. But you will still have the jelly effect if you move the camera to quickly when tracking a subject. Also with the T2i you can add an external mic, that should solve the problem of recording the AF motor sound when you are recording the video.

If you want more compact, and will to take 720 video only the olympus EPL-1 has the the option to add a mic also when recording video so you will not hear the AF motor moving. More expensive is the EP-2 has the same option.
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