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I shoot pictures inside dark bars. I currently have an Olympus C-3000 that has its shortcomings but has taken some pretty good pictures. This, plus its ease of use, good software, and familiarity factor, weigh heavily in Oly's favor. But if getting what I need means jumping ship, then so be it.


Here are some pictures I took in a nightclub that was so dark, I couldn't even see the images in the viewfinder. They are all processed; they didn't look like this coming out of the camera. (Also, these are copyrighted images; please treat them as such, they're there for reference purposes only.)

I just bought a Promaster 5750 flash, so I hope whatever is recommended is part of their interchangeable module system.

So the long and short of it is, what camera would be good for shooting pictures when you can barely (or not at all) see what you're aiming at, let alone focus on? The frontrunners are the Olympus E-Volt 500 and the Canon Rebel XT.

Thanks in advance.

PS -- For your amusement, here are some pictures taken (mostly) with my trusty Canon A-1 over the years:


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I haven't used E-Volt 500 or Rebel Xt. I own a Konica Minolta Dynax 5D + Minolta flash w/AF iluminator, and I'm able to focus and shot in total darkness, nothing to see on the viewfinder.
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Most of your bar shots are at f2.8, and 1/30sec at ISO100. That's not dark, IMHO. Any dSLR should be able to handle it as you can crank the ISO. Problem will come with DOF if you want to shoot a group of people at fast apertures. Your digicam has much larger DOF so everything is in focus. If you shoot f2.8 or faster with dSLR, you focussing becomes much more critical. But with dSLR you can use ISO400 and still get 1/30sec at f5.6. With flash it will be much better.
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