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Hello. I'm working on a photography degree at community college for fun. It'll probably take me a couple years to finish it because I'm also attending a four-year institution for a degree in marketing.

I'm looking for cameras comparable to the A710 IS. This camera has been on my mind the past few days. Cameras need to be in the price range of $200-$300. Manual controls are a must. Raw mode and optical zoom 10x or greater would be stellar. Image stabilization cameras would be sweet.

I will be using the camera for school which means the whole shebang of indoors, outdoors, still, action, day, night, etc.

Thanks for the help.
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Imay be mistaken. But, I would think that due to the many shooting conditions that you will be dealing with throughout the course of getting your Photography degree that a DSLR camera would be much more appropiate and better suited to the tasks presented. AsI said, I may be mistaken, but give it some consideration, please.

I am a Photography Instructor at our local Community College.


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You're absolutely correct. The teacher I talked to said a DSLR would be a better investment because of its versatility; however, he explicitly said I could get by with a camera with manual controls, 5-7 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, and a RAW mode. Money is the #1 issue here.
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Fuji S5200.

the Hun

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I agree with the Hun. However, if you want to spend 100 bucks more, maybe you can get the S6000fd, which might be better for lowlight and wide angle group portraits.
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I think you should go with Sony DSC - H2.

You can bargaon that online around $280. I would suggest that if you are learning Photography.

though it wont be dSLR but I vouch it would give you a feel of the same as the controls are quite inline with dSLR.

Let me know what you decide.


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I think you would do better to get a 2nd-hand SLR than a new P&S.
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June - you are working to a budget so forget DSLR - the costs do not stop with your initial purchase, you will want to buy extra lenses.

You can get most of the things you desire from a higher end compact (or bridge camera). Your immediate advantages will be a full focal range over a 300mm range plus macro, that is a lot of lens flexibility range for your money.

Being in the UK, I am not sure what your 2-300 dollars will get you, but here are my suggestions.

First choice Fuji S6500 (AKA S6000) - advantages, it is a DSLR 'like' camera with a manual zoom ring and it starts at 28mm wide, so you will get some nice wide angle. It has RAW and probably the only downside is that it is not stabilised, which you will notice at the 300mm end - importantly for you it is fully manual.

2nd choice (second hand) look for a Panasonic FZ30. It has a good spec, excellent lens and manual focus ring. It is stabilised. It's downside is that it is around 36mm at the wide end, though the telephoto is around 420mm eqivalent. It likes good light because it is noisy athigher ISO's. The Fz50 has been released, so the FZ30 should be floating around as users upgrade.

3rd choice - Olympus 510, it is a superzoom in a small body, has a nice image but is not stabilised - I am not sure whether it does RAW.
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