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I'm looking to buy a new digital camera. I want one that will take the picture immediately. I have an Olympus now, and by the time the picture takes, my children have ran off. I would like to stay under $200.

Thanks for any help!
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While the concept of "pictures immediately" is a nice one, let us take a moment to realize that a digital camera is like any other piece of electronic equipment. It takes a second or two to power up.

Why not take a look at the Kodak Z760. It powers up in approximately 1.5 seconds, and has almost no shutter lag at all, while selling for under $(US) 200.00. It is also simple and easy to use. I suggest that you visit a retailer and test it out, to see if it will meet your requirements.

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use manual focus, memorise it, and you can make pics instantly
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I have kids and grandkids and understand what you are going through!

By saying "under $200", though,I am afraid there will be virtually no half-decent digital camera that starts and shootsfast. About 1-2 seconds will be the best, especially with autofocus enabled. As you get into the more expensive digital cameras, you will find start-time becomes almost instantaneous (under a second) and shutter lag (the length of time it takes from the time you press the button until the camera shoots) almost vanishes - especially in manual focus mode.

So, for under $200 you would probably have to go film as I personally know of nodigital cameras (other than the non-focus el-cheapo under 1mp "toy" cameras) that would meet your speed needs — or else anticipate your shots, which is difficult with children in impromptu settings (or use a video camera). Also, the cheaper digitals often perform poorly in low light with quickly moving subjects even with flash.

However, the Canon digital Rebel, 20D, Sony R1, Pentax *ist-DL series, and others have fast turn-on time and virtually no shutter lag (especially in manual focus mode). But the cheapest of that lot is about $600 (the Pentax) and the 20D is more than double that.
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Thanks for the information! I will go try it out.
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To see cameras deemed to be a good value within their market niche, see our Best Cameras List.

If you look at the Conclusion Sections (last page before image samples in each camera's review), you'll see startup time discussed.

The Conclusion Sections will also discuss other things that can impact your ability to get photos quickly, like Autofocus Speed and Cycle Times between photos.

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Old Mar 13, 2006, 12:46 PM   #7
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I found the Canon A610 very quick compared to similar cameras duing my search.. Not sure what price it goes for in the US right now, but it's DEF. worth a look.
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