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Default what camera would be an ideal trade-in?


Iīm having a problem: I started taking photos about eleven years ago and started with a Olympus WideZoom 8080..I was generally very satisfied with that camera, especially the clear, crisp images. From time to time I meddled with aperture and alike, but not much. After 9 year I decided to try the DSLR-world, sold the 8080 and switched to a Pentax K-X. I also acquired a sigma-lens, which mostly produces quite clear images. But generally, I had to discover that I am not satisfied with the automatics mode of the camera..mostly, pictures are too dark for my taste, colours do not really match.

Thus, I am not sure what to..one option would be to switch back to a bridge camera with excellent image quality. Another would be to look for a dslr with better automatics? I have no idea..  I just know, that I donīt feel really secure with the K-X.

What would you suggest?

All the best and thanks, all advice is appreciated.

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generally speaking to get the best out of a DSLR you should use the the creative modes of shutter, aperture and manual modes. and then do some post processing. hope this helps
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But is it not possible to have an automatic mode, with which I can produce pictures with a good image quality? I mean, it was possible with the Oly.. I agree that it takes more than that to work with a dslr. Thatīs why I was asking if thereīs any bridge camera or alike, which offers this possibility: to be able to take a picture in automatic mode and have a clear, crisp image. If I decide to alter this picture, be it through aperture and alike, okay. But there must be cameras, which offer good til great image quality, without having to manually set the details..or am I mistaken?
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I personally haven't used the K-X- and as such cannot comment on its "auto" modes output- though I have used a few DSLR's over the years- and many are a little short in the "Auto" department.
DLR's aren't really designed with the "point and shoot" mindset- despite including an "Auto" mode. They will deliver superior output to any bridge/compact camera- but only with correct input from the user.
That said the K-X does have various pre-set modes for a given photographic scenario- such as Portrait,Sports,Macro,Landscape,Night Portrait...etc.. have you tried using these as opposed to the "auto pict" on the Pentax..?
You could get yourself a photography "how to..." book and learn what aperture priority/shutter priority/manual/program is all about- the benefits of each- why and when to use them etc...
The K-X is actually a very decent camera- with a very good spec' compared to its rivals- and one I would persevere with.
However,if you want decent results- straight out of the camera- with minimum of fuss,maybe it's worth you looking into a bridge camera.
A very popular model(many users here on Steve's Digicams...) is the Panasonic DMC FZ-150.
This camera has all the functionality of a DSLR if you so wish,but can also be used as a point and shoot with good results- not to mention very good HD video capture..!
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I am using the Pentax K-5 and want to let you know that I find pictures in the P, A and M mode are 10x better than those taken with the K-5 in auto mode. The Auto mode just doesn't give me the best images, especially color balance wise. In order to get brighter photos try bumping up the ISO............. I generally shoot in the P or M modes on my K-5. For the type of shooting that I do I tend to shoot with one zoom on the camera 99% of the time and I find my Sigma zoom really does the job for me.

I'd keep the Pentax camera and get a how too book or find a friend that can show you how to use the other modes and keep with it as you can get excellent photos from it with a little work-practice.

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G'day Elmar

Nice to meet you & whichever way you go, keep enjoying your photography

I'm one of the many here who love the UZ [>10x zoom bridge] cameras, and I also have a Kx as it happens

Years ago my missus & I were often shooting side-by-side, she with her Olympus UZ, me with my Fuji UZ and when we looked at the results, the colours were often different. Not wrong, but different. Seems a bit like kodak films had a slightly different colour slant than Agfa films [sort of thing]

Anyway, coming back to the Kx ...
1- I would strongly recommend you switch away from Auto to Program
Although Program = auto insofar as exposure "S"hutter speeds & "A"pertures are concerned, the best bit is a) you can change them if/when you want to, and b) lots of the menu options denied to you when in auto mode now become available if you wish to use them

You can/will see the above immediately
Set the camera to auto > press the info button
1st item on the screen is "Custom Image - Bright"

Set the camera to Program > again press the info button
1st item on the screen now has a <--> available, where you can now choose from Bright > Natural > Portrait > Landscape > Vibrant > Muted > Monochrome and back to Bright

Also, when you go to Menu > Custom Image#1 > [right button], a series of icons opens up allowing you to fine-tune the colours, saturation, brightness & contrast of every image to "just the way you like it"

So mate, don't give up just yet - try the pentax a bit more before you spend any money for ??? gain

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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