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Nico57 Sep 11, 2011 6:17 PM

What to choose for a school...
Hi all
I'm looking for a new cam for a school. Kids are 3 to 5 years old.
Teacher only are supposed to use cam unless a special lesson "adult driven".
We may get images with birthday cake and lighting candle (know some cameras are not fine with such lights), activities in classroom (macro is a plus), some outdoor activities and some indoor with less light, for example visiting the farm, visiting the baker, the carpenter (issue in low light and noise ?)... and/or kids on stage for a dancing show/theater (not really in dark room, but not a really light one...)
I have a personal old 3x zoom, and things like zoom (this is missing on my x3) and low light are far much important than mega pixels (I won't print posters).
I may appreciate optical zoom and optical image stabilisation along with anti red eyes, moving characters option (as it may be difficult to get 25 freezing kids at the same time) or even getting a kid on bike or rollers
I may not need 5 images per second (if possible, i appreciate), but I would appreciate the image being in the box when I press the shutter.
I may grab small videos and audio (720p is enough, no need of 1080p, zooming in video would be a plus)
AA batteries is not an issue, we already own some 2000(/2400??) mA.

I wonder about Panasonic Lumix FS35 (not found, maybe another reference in the US/Europe), Nikon S6100, Canon A3300 IS (recommended on Steeve's S6100 page), Canon IXIUS 115 HS but all seems to have 4x max zoom, but good colors even on indoor, specially for the last 2 cams of this list OR some bigger and older Canon SX130 IS with a x12 zoom and good bottom line from Steve, even if "slow" (no firmware update ?)
I may also consider SX150 IS (no review yet as far as I checked) and does not seems better that SX 130, comments are welcome.

Here we are. Other reference is also possible...
Thanks for reading and clues.
Kind regards

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