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GKa2z Nov 23, 2004 3:17 AM

I am planning for good stills camera.(200-300$). Size does not matter(But not huge ones). If manual adds perfection then would like to go for one with manual and auto. And 3-4 Meg Pixels are ok. Shorter movie time is ok if available.

I have gone through the review of the few of above cameras.

Pros and Cons:

Nikon has ED - powerfull lens - don't know about pict quality

SD has latest Digic II processor - people report about shutter speed and some times noice on shutter close

A85 has Auto and manual modes but with 4 AA batteries and ordinary lens slightly heavier than others

About memory, Except A85 others use SD memory. I don't see any price diff in that also.

Qn: Is that Nikon is good in market ? (ie Nikon products)

Qn: How about ED lens compared with the Canon's A85 lens

Qn: Whats diff in Nikon 4100/4200. Few did review on 4100 and few did review on 4200 ?
Is there any other Solid Stills camera available in market?

Can some one throw light on.. this

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