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Default what is the difference between these 2 Canon's?

I am a very inexperienced dslr user, but have used a few friends, and am looking at purchasing one, I am leaning towards the Canon models, and looking at the Rebel T2i and the 60D both have 18 mp, Can anyone help me with a little advice between these 2 cameras? I have a very young family and am looking at taking pics of the kids, i'm not interested in video from a dslr, just pics, and find it very hard to get a good pic without a Dslr.
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  • The 60D uses a pentaprism, a solid piece of glass, to display the image in the optical viewfinder, while the T2i uses a pentamirror. Pentaprisms are heavier and more expensive, but they are brighter.
  • The 60D is capable of shutter speeds of up to 1/8000 second, while the T2i maxes out at 1/4000.
  • The 60D can capture images at the rate of up to 5.3 per second, while the T2i can only manage 3.7.
  • The 60D uses a bigger, more powerful battery, so it can take about twice as many photos on a fully charged battery than the T2i.
  • The 60D is about 27% bigger and 42% heavier than the T2i.
  • The lens is the thing.
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I would get the t2i to start an put the savings of the 60D to a USM lens instead. The kit lenses are not the fastest focusing lenses. And a good USM lens like the 15-85 or 28-135 will be money better spent on keeping up with fast moving kids. An if you need to shoot indoors and need a fast lens, the savings on the body can help on getting a fast prime lens or a fast zoom lens.

I shoot a t1i and a 60D now. And the rebel is a much lighter system when running around with kids also and easier to pack.

Now if you kids play organized sports, the 60D higher burst rate would come in handy.
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Hi at this time there are some great deals on T2i/550d with 2 kit lens 18-55 and the 55-250 this isnt a bad starting point and would cover all your needs for quiet a bit of time. You would then hav some experience and would know what lenses you would need. I have young grand children who are always on the move and I find these 2 lenses are perfectly ok and i get geat pictues of them. I also added the 50 1.8 grat lens super price.
While thinking what else you will need think of getting an external flash.
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