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Stephen P Larocque71 Feb 20, 2009 11:38 AM

Hi, I posted a couple of weeks ago asking for guidence in the right direction, and got some great help.Here is a link to the original post;forum_id=87

Still I haven't bought a camera yet. I was leaning towards a Sony A300 after TCAV recommended the A200 because I like the idea of the live viewfinder and I have 2 minolta lenses, Still with a price limit of approx $500 cdn the A300 is $650 cheapest. Though a did find an A200 for $499.

After doing some soul searching I am not sure I want to carry around 3 lenses ect.. and have been latly leaning towards the superzoom's I have in my original post. The Canon SX10IS, the Panasonic FZ28, and now the Fuji S100FS. I seem to be leaning towards the Fuji as it's on sale for $599 so very close in price to the A300 but the convienence of not carrying lenses. The problem is I have heard alot of reports of Strong, visible chromatic aberration at the most useful focal lengths on the fuji and was wondering if this would impact my pics if I printed at 4X6. I have neverprinted a pic larger than 4X6 and I could never see my self ever going bigger than 8X10 in the off chance I took something really fabulous.

So keeping in mind that I shoot 60% indoors 40% outdoors most pics our of family members and I have a strong bias to low light performance of these cameras which would you choose.

Canon SX10IS $449 Cdn

Panasonic FZ28 $499 Cdn

Fuji S100FS $599 Cdn


Biro Feb 20, 2009 1:29 PM

While I'm a big fan of the Panasonic FZ28, based on your criteria for a lot of use in low light, I would recommend the Fujifilm S100fs with it's larger 2/3 sensor. Besides, shooting indoors will probably have you, in most cases,avoiding the CA problem (which - while real - may be a bit overstated by some and can be compensated for in post processing).

If not the Fuji, I wouldgo with the FZ28, which actually gets pretty good results up to ISO 800, is much smaller and lighter and costs a lot less. In fact, if your indoor-outdoor mix was more like 50-50, I'd say go with the FZ28 because it's probably a better overall compromise. And if you decide $600 is still a bit too much money for a camera, then again I say go for the FZ28 with no regrets (you can buy it for $300 U.S. from Because the Canon SX10 IS has a slow lens (it's at f/5 already by 200mm), I would pass on that - even though it's still a very good camera in most respects. That's my own humble opinion, of course.

Now, I have to ask: If 60 percent of your shooting is done indoors, what kind of shooting do you do outdoors? In other words, do you really need amegazoom with all that reach? Unless you're shooting indoor sports, I can't see you needing zoom beyond, say, 100-140mm (equivalent). And if you're shooting sports, most megazooms aren't going to give you the kind of continuous shooting speed that you need. Canon has just announced it is bringing the SX1 IS to the U.S. I'm not sure if it's been in Canada. But it's basically an SX10 IS with a CMOS sensor, allowing for up to 4 frames per secondat full resolution. But you'll still have that slower lens. Plus it's price is up there with the S100fs and many entry-level DSLRs.

robbo Feb 20, 2009 2:46 PM

I have the FZ28, but given your emphasis on low light performance, I'd pick the Fuji.

Stephen P Larocque71 Feb 20, 2009 10:58 PM

Thanks Biro and Robbo for your iinput.

To answer your question Biro of the 40% that I shoot outside, I would say that 70% of that is non action, examples would pics while hiking or at the zoo and 30% might be of the action type ,examples might be swimming, or skiing but to be truthful my kids are not that competative with regards to sports.

Also to answer your second question I am not stuck on a super zoo per say but was thinking at least 10x zoom was hoping to get 28 to 300mm equiv for shots of animals at the zoo ect.. Do you have other suggestions apart from the cameras mentioned>

Biro Feb 21, 2009 1:26 AM

Well, the fact that you don't need a high burst speed for action shots makes things simpler. And I understand how the reach of a megazoom might still be very convenient at places like the the zoo.

There are smaller, less expensive cameras out there with 10x zoom - like the Panasonic TZ5 and the Sony H-10. Something like a TZ5 would be perfect for hiking because of its light weight and small form factor. But I don't think either camera will give you low-light performance as good as the FZ28 and especially the S100fs.

There are actually some DSLR options that might address your needs. The Olympus E-420 (no image stabilization) and E-520 (with image stabilization) are pretty compact and Olympus makes an 18-180mm lens, which is equivalent to 36-360mm on a full-frame 35mm camera. It's four-thirds sensor is smaller than the APS sensors in most DSLRs - but it's still larger than the sensors in any megazoom including the S100fs.

Pentax has an 18-250mm lens that's equivalent to 27-375mm on a 35mm camera. It would go great on a Pentax K2000 or K200D. Both of these cameras have the larger APS sensor and would give you image quality at a level well above any megazoom - especially in low light. But both are larger and heavier than the cameras you are now considering and total cost would be in the $700-$900 (U.S.) range for camera body and lens.

So that brings us back to your megazooms. With the exception of the chromatic aberration issue, the S100fs offers the best image quality - particularly in low-light - because of its larger sensor. And the CA might not be that noticeable anyway with the print sizes you are talking about. Plus, if you shoot RAW, you can probably get rid of the CA in post-processing on your computer.

Meanwhile, the FZ28 is really quite good - many consider it to be the best megazoom currently available. And it's smaller size and lighter weight might make it better for hiking and carrying around for hours at a time. The FZ28 might just be the best overall compromise.

The SX10 is almost as large as the S100fs. It has a slower lens at the long end than either the Fuji or the Panasonic. But if you use that long end only outdoors during the day and you aren't worried about action shots, maybe that doesn't matter. Just make sure you wide indoors unless you're using the flash. Otherwise, it's a great camera. If you use the electronic viewfinders on megazooms, the SX10's is one of the best. Plus its LCD screen out back is articulated - very useful.

The truth is any of the three megazooms you're considering will do a fine job. You just have to decide what your priorities are. But I don't think you'll end up hating any of them. Good luck.

Stephen P Larocque71 Feb 21, 2009 9:43 PM

Thanks again Biro, You provide very informative answers along with everyone who has responded to my two topics. I am very impressed with this site. I have been scouting the net for the Fuji. Cheapest I have found it is $549 cdn and $499 USd ( My parents are snow birds they live in Florida during the winter so possibilities of buying us) taking in account the exchange rate it doesn't seem woth it to buy U.S. I want to pay $500cdn so I think if I wait a bit longer I might get it at that price. I can't believe there are no deals on ebay.

Again great site thanks everyone!

Stephen P Larocque71 Apr 1, 2009 10:25 AM

Just an update.

After much searching and trying different camera's I bought a New Nikon D60 with a 18mm - 105mm Vr lense. It was a little more ok a lot more money than I was willing to spend but it just felt right in my hands.

Thankyou to everyone for all the help.


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