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Ivan Karamasov Nov 29, 2005 5:43 PM

Hello there,

I'm almost new here (already had an account but forgot both password AND email :roll:) and I could do with some advice for a new bridge cam.

Until very recently I had a Sony f717 that I gave away for a faster camera with broader zoom range. I missed both wideangle and tele on the sony every now and then.
The Panasonic fz30 came into my mind very early but I was unsure because of all that noise discussion (that I do not whant to bring up again).
Then I heard of Sony's new R1 and I am pretty amazed by it. The thing is however, that it is obviously quite expensive, lacks the tele of the panasonic and is moreover very big and heavy. On the other hand, I consider its image-quality superior to the rest of all fixed-lens systems (i.e once for the very little amount of noise and second for its very broad dynamic range).

Now the thing is, that there is no way of combining all the advantages of the mentioned cams in one, so I have to give up at least on something.
What do you think, if I took the panasonic and simply use it only, when light is bright and iso can be left at 100 or 80? I already have a fuji f10, that could give me back up in situations when a higher iso-setting is needed. For the money I spare I could also buy the raynox 0.66 wide-conversion lens, which just came out especially for the fz30. Wouldn't that be quite the combination I was looking for, or do you believe the Sony would still outperform the fz30 even at iso 100 :O?
Unfortunately I filled my printer with very cheap ink lately, so that I cannot produce prints that could just speak for themselves (The very few comparison shots available look all the same - and that is pretty bad in this case).
Thanks for all kind of help

rduve Nov 30, 2005 2:33 AM

The Sony R1 would definitely outperform the Panasonic FZ30 at any ISO as far as image quality is concerned. With that size CMOS sensor, it will be the clear all-aroundwinner if you examine imagequality closely. However,would you notice this difference in the type of photography that you do? That is another question. The FZ30 seems to be an extraordinarily user friendly, versatile and capable camera on all levels. I think you would be very happy with it unless you do a lot of low light shots without flash or you do semi-professional work where you have to enlarge your prints beyond 20x30" like in wedding photography. I doubt that your Fuji on the other hand would outperform the FZ30 at any level. Get the FZ30 and try it, I'd say.

PS: I am a very happy Panasonic FZ20 user. Check out my gallery at Most shots in there were taken with the FZ20.


rduve Nov 30, 2005 2:36 AM

I take that back. After examining Steve's sample images from the Fuji F10, I have to say that does perform better in low light and high ISO's then the FZ30. So, maybe your idea is pretty good for that combo.


rduve Nov 30, 2005 2:36 AM

I take that back. After examining Steve's sample images from the Fuji F10, I have to say that does perform better in low light and high ISO's then the FZ30. So, maybe your idea is pretty good for that combo.


Ivan Karamasov Nov 30, 2005 1:46 PM

Thank you Rainer,

No, I am not a wedding photographer and I did never sell a picture. Neither did I ever make a print larger than 8x12 (though I'd like to some day).
Apart from that, I just realized once more, that this huge R1 has almost the same humble telefoto as my fuji f10, which I consider insufficient in a lot of situations. I guess I rather get all the shots that I want in decent quality, than be limited to landscape and portrait shots, no matter how brilliant they may look like.

Anyway, I will just give the panasonic a try. I was so cautious because last week I already bought an fz5 and I was not really happy with it. Now I kept pondering all possibilities again and again. Take r1, fz30 or better s9000 or none of them....?:?:?:?
It didn't do me any good, after all. There are compromises one has to live with, no matter what, period.
Think, I rather commence searching for big motives than for tiny dead pixels now ;-)

rduve Nov 30, 2005 3:36 PM

Yeah, the problem with that big sensor is that you cannot (at this time of technology) have an ultra-zoom lens without increasing the cameras size even more. But I have a feeling, they'll figure out a way to solve that, and I will wait for a year or two until the large CMOS sensor will probably be the new digicam standard and much more affordable. If I would not already own the FZ20, I'd buy the FZ30 at this time. I think you'll be happy 99% of the time with the results.

The Fuji S9000 also looks interesting, but it lacks image stabilization and I heard some build quality problems reported in some of the forums here.

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