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Hi everyone - HELP - HELP - HELP-I need to buy a Hybid video / stills camera that is small (pocket size) and will give very good video results for a 2 year archiving project I will be starting in September this year (2006). I've looked at the Sanyo range:- HD1 has bad low light reviews and the C6 seems OK(?)-1. I need a camera that will give very good video results in doors and out doors.2. 640 x 480 video with 25 to 30 fps (frames per second) and with good sound quality.3. Li-ion rechargable battery.4. Optical zoom must be 5x or greater.5. Must have tripod mount.6. Quiet or silent zoom function.7. Will work with a 1GB or 2GB SD memory card.8. It must be small.9. Still's must be good enough quality for the web.-*I have been a video maker / editor for over 10 years working mainly in Mini DV. I use / teach Final Cut Pro at a University level.-Many thanks in advance,TT.
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Well your choices are very limited with all these requirements. To start with, you can forget about lesser brands like Aiptek and Mustek because they do not have 5X zoom (most of them don't even have optical zoom lens).

The Sanyo C6 gives decent to good indoor "low light" performance - however, how "low" is the "light"? My experience says at least 100W bulb in a small sitting room is the bare minimum (picture is grainy and color fades). Natural sunlight coming in from the patio door gives decent video. These are just personal opinion and only you can decide - problem is not many stores sell them, and it is difficult to get hold of one to make a test shot indoor inside the store. Even then, the video may look good on the little LCD screen of the camera but far worse on you computer.

If you have much more $$$ to dish out, this is another device to consider:

Panasonic SDR-S100 - this is marketed as a SD card flash memory 3CCD camcorder with still picture (3.1 MP) ability.


The low light performance may be better, if not on par, with the Sanyo C6: it is a 3CCD camcorder afterall. It is a little larger than the C6. You can't go wrong with the 10X Leica lens, and there is optical stabilization (Sanyo has electronic stablilzation).

The major problem is that it records in MPEG2 (DVD format), which uses more memory per minute of video: 2 GB can only hold 25 min of highest quality (XP) video, 50 min good (SP) quality (I read somewhere that a few users say that the SP quality is good enough - but since compression ratio is lower to save filesize, you will see more artefact like pixelation and blurring in fast motion at lower quality settings). This compares with 41 min of highest quality video in the Sanyo C6 (I won't use any other lower settings because the video quality is just plain bad!) The good news is that the price of 2 GB SD cards has come down a lot. The bad news is that 2 GB SD card is the maximum.

Did I mention the price? (Look through camera store prices or Amazon and see for yourself!)

The Pana is a far more popular brandname, you may want to try it out at the camera store.

I don't honestly feel that "low light performance" and "miniature" (shirt pocket size) go together in the current state of art. Many users feel "disappointed" about the "low light performance" of the Sanyo C6 - you have to remember: everyone's needs and expectations are different. I think many people took the words "better low light performance" literally, believing they mean "excellent low light performance", when these words are used to describe a comparison of the low light performance of the C6 and its predecessor C4 and C5.
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Hi blindsight, thanks for your comments. If I can find a Panasonic SDR-S10 (PAL version) for the right money it's mine. Regards, TT.
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