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evelyne62 Oct 25, 2006 2:11 PM

Dear Sirs:

I am planning to visit a hot and humid destination in the near future in the
hope to be able to photograph some wildlife from a distance. Electrical
outlets for rechargers will not always be available.
For this reason I am looking for advice on which camera might best suit my

These are my requirements:
1. Good optical zoom
2. Image stabilizer
3. Camera must accept disposable AA batteries
4. Sufficiently small and lightweight to be carried inside a purse.

When I researched this subject about a year ago, I discovered that many
cameras appear to malfunction in hot/humid climates. Is this issue still a
problem, and if so, which cameras are affected?

One camera store recommended the CANON POWERSHOT S3 IS to me.
This camera does meet most of my requirements, but seems heavy and bulky in
a purse, especially when suurounded by a camera case.

Can you offer any suggestions ??
I would appreciate input from anyone who has used this camera. Thank you

KALEL33 Oct 25, 2006 10:38 PM

If you want the zoom then the size is going to be increased. It's just a tradeoff. I don't know of any problems with it in hot and humid areas though. The S3IS is pretty small when comparing it to the Sony H5.

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