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Thanks for the fast response, you are right I can not wait that long for the S3, and I do want to save a few dollars. Thanks again !
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The S2 hands down. Closer macro (super macro mode).. and the manual flash... I had the 610 before I decided to upgrade so have tried both cameras.

You can check out Canon.com .. There's still not much known about the S3.. as it was just announced less than 2 weeks ago. There are some specs and discussion on it, but not a lot confirmed or proven with evidence.
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vwmom wrote:
The Canon S2 also has 0cm macro.. I've seen some incredible shots of bugs from it.
Do you really shoot closer than 1cm? I tend to agree with dpreview that even 1cm gives lighting and distortion problems that make most people back off some for better macros. This is their take on the super macro on the S2:

" Of course there aren't many things you can actually photograph from 0cm - they either need to be lit from behind (you can use the S2 IS to shoot 35mm slides (example) if you don't mind the cropping, distortion and corner softness!) or small enough that they don't fill the frame. In most cases the shadow of the lens obscures your subject so much that you can't use it at distances of less than a few centimetres, at which point the subect area you're photographing is around 40mm across - roughly the same as most of its competitors (such as the Panasonic FZ5), but with the ever-present danger that you'll move so close that you end up causing permanent damage to the front element of the lens. Still, it's fun to play with and does allow you to take some unique photographs."

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Just referring to the super macro mode it has.. I've seen better shots of this type from the S2 compared to the 610.. though even that camera is still excellent.
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My suggestion.

Look around for a used Nikon 990 in good condition on Ebay.

The swivel bodied Nikon models are about as good as it gets for Macro performance without going to a much more expensive solution.

They can fill the frame with something as small as 2/3" across with virtually no distortion (since the Macro "sweet spot" is at around half zoom). It even lets you know when the lens is at it's optimum performance focal length in Macro mode by changing the color of the macro icon.

If you need even better macro performance (I doubt you would), you can get add-on lenses for it, too.

The Nikon Coolpix 4500 would also work just fine for this purpose.


Many of the photos you see in the reviews herewere taken with a Swivel Bodied Coolpix model (990, 995, 4500). Steve has probably reviewed more cameras than anyone around over the years. So, when someone like Steve uses one for his own closeups, you can bet it's a pretty good tool for the job. See his response to a question about it here, when a forum member noticed how much detail there was in things like dials and buttons in the images:


If you want to see how detailed the closeups from one of these cameras can be,here is a photo of a cointhat Steve tookwith a 3MPNikon Coolpix 990 (straight from the camera with nomodifications or cropping).


You can probably pick one up for under $200 if you shop around on the used market and keep an eye on Ebay listings.

I've personally owned the Nikon Coolpix 950 and 990 (and I still have the 950). They're not speed demons by current standards, but they are capable of taking some nice photos, especially when it comes to macros.

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