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Thanks, very much, Dustin-

That is exactly the point we were, not so cleverly, attempting to make. We do not have to be caught up in the DSLR rush! We still can capture and create, Dustin your image is a perfect example, of high quality point and shoot images, using cameras that cost a good deal LESS than any DSLR camera.

Sarah Joyce and Bradley
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Hi I'm looking for a camera to add a 360 lens. what would be the best camera for this?!
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Attention Moderators: This post should be moved, perhaps to the Hybrid Folder.


Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for dropping by.

As you can see from my annotation, you have tacked this request on to the tail end of a very long, long (512 posts) thread, that ended on 02 November 2009. So if your request were placed here it would get very little attention.

In as much as the use of a 360 degree lens mechanism is beyond the normal scope of digital cameras, I have, in my annotation, as the Moderators to move your post to a different folder where it will receive much more attention.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Default Diving into DSLR

This question is specificly aimed at Sarah but all are welcome to answer.

I started reading this post from the beginning and after about 14 pages realized i would never read through the whole thing in one sitting.

Sarah you seem to have a lifetime of experience and knowledge and reading through your posts was very helpfull.

I have always been a point and shoot type with not much regard for specifics and mechanics of photography. My wife and i are looking for a new camera mostly for typical around the house type photos, as we have two toddlers, as well as everyday life such as camping and scenery type photos. My needs are much of the same as the original poster, T, minus the sporting events.

We have also been torn between long zoom and DSLR. Specificly we were looking at the new Nikkon d3100 with a sb-400 flash and a 55-200 mm lense because it was recomended to us by sales rep. at our local electronic store.

My question is, for the needs i have described, is this over kill? Will we even benifit that much from this type of camera if we are not familiar with manual settings? and how does it compare to the sony a230 model you were reviewing earlier on.

I should also mention that when we started this process we were not planning on taking on photography as a hobby but more a quality cmaera that gets decent results and is easy to operate.

I look foreward to any input on this matter.

Thanks in advance
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