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nanllyn Oct 4, 2006 3:46 PM

I'm considering updating my S50. I have loved it and it is great but would like to replace it as I gave mine to my friend.

I'm looking for something compact to throw in my purse or possibly my pants pocket. I'm not overconcerned about the Megapixel as most are at least 5 any more. I would like to be able to take videos with it, I know some let you take up to 1 G at a time and that would be nice. I would use it mainly for parties and things such as that. I already have a Canon Rebel XT so I don't need all the special capabilities as I can use that. I usually stick with the canon line but if there is another brand you feel might be better let me know and I can do some research on it.

Being compact, decent photo capabilities and video are my main concerns. I usually don't print out my photos but if I did I would not print any bigger than an 8 X 10 more likely a 5 X 7. I usually just show them on my computer and email. I would like to stay around the $200-$250 range but can spend more if the camera is a better fit. I have looked at some on Ebay and might be able to get a good deal something.

Thank you for your help.


KALEL33 Oct 5, 2006 1:23 AM

The canon's can go up to 1gb worth of video where many others only do 30 sec. If you want decent video quality then the any of the A-series would be fine. There might be other manufacturers that go beyond 30 sec. but I have read of any lately. Then again I don't look at the video capabilities much.

ron519098 Oct 5, 2006 10:41 AM

Yes, the A series should do the job admirably. I have an A610 which I find does the job competently enough. One thing you should bear in mind is that invariably you can't change the optical zoom level once you've started shooting in Movie Mode. It defaults to Digital Zoom which is not brilliant.

Otherwise make sure you use a half decent memory card (speed-wise) to ensure it can process the movie images without buffering problems.

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