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Hi, due to my needs (take pictures at parties in discos andpubs), I need a camera which does take great picture in very unfavourable conditions, dark or low-light ambients.

Which one is better?

I also need it to be robust, solid, and tooperate quickly and takepictures fast. During the parties there's not much time to have people pose, or to set the camera manually.

Since the pictures will be published on the web I don't need very high resolutions.

We currently use a Canon S30, which is the first one we got, and it's still our favourite; we also have a Canon A400 which was soon marked as a bad choice because too slow to operate; and the most recent purchase is a Nikon 4500, but we didn't like it either because slower than S30 in taking pictures and getting bad pictures in low-light / dark conditions...

Can someone suggest us which camera would best suit our needs?

Some we are considering are Canon S70, Casio IXUS 700, Casio Exilim PRO700, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T3...

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I don't think your photo quality would improve with any of the cameras you list over the S30. They are all f2.8 cameras that reduce the light with zoom. There might be some with less shutter lag and better cycle times, but your pictures won't be improved. And there aren't any inexpensive pocket cameras on the market that will give you better pictures in limited light without a flash.

I think the T3 would be very poor. It doesn't have an optical finder and the LCD doesn't gain up well. It also has a very weak flash.

If you are shooting with flash the new Canon SD 500 has a very strong flash for a tiny camera and is quick. It is pricey right now though. And its only advantage over the S70 is size and a little more range at the telephoto end. But the wide angle on the S70 more than makes up for that IMO. Other than being smaller the SD500 doesn't really have an advantage over the S series.

The Canon G6 has a faster lens so you could shoot in a little lower light, but it doesn't maintain the f2 with zoom. With an inexpensive auto external flash you could get better flash shots. It is bigger than what you seem to be looking for.

If you can get people while they aren't moving stabilization might help – especially combined with a good burst mode to give you a better chance of hitting than null movement moment. The Panasonic FZ3 might work for you, but you can't put it in your pocket. The FX7 is small with stabilization, but also doesn't have an optical finder and you can't frame in limited light. The FZ3 isn't much better as the eyelevel finder is electronic and doesn't gain well either.

I would stick with the S30 for your purposes.

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