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I am about to purchase my first digital camera. I have many years experience with 35 mm SLRs, but think its time to make the leap. The majority of my photos are taken outdoors of wildlife and scenery. I am considering the Panasonic DMC-FZ20 and the Konica Minolta A200. Although the Panasonic has a "12X" optical zoom and the Konica only "7X", would the increased megapixels compensate when it comes to enlarging and cropping the pictures.
I am leaning towards the Panasonic (because of the zoom) although wonder if the Konica would not serve me better because of the increased detail provided.
Any and all help greatly appreciated.
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Because resolution, like area, is computed by multiplying height x width, it takes 4 times the resolution if you want to crop an image to make it like you used twice as much optical zoom (and still maintain the same amount of subject detail in pixels per inch).

So, even a 2 Megapixel Model like the Panasonic DMC-FZ1 can capture just as much (or actually more) detail at full zoom (equivalent to over 400mm with this model), compared to cropping an image from an 8 Megapixel Model like the DiMAGE A2 atit's full zoom setting (which is equivalent to 200mm in a 35mm camera).

You'll need to decide how much you'll need to use a camera at longer focal lengths to see if this is something you'd do often (crop your photos from a model with a 200mm lens to get the desired composition). At most focal lengths, the A2 would have the advantage.

Here is a table of popular long zoom models that shows how they compare at their full zoom lens settings. It's based on a formula known as Telephoto Figure of Merit:


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Cal wrote:
I have many years experience with 35 mm SLRs

Do you have any lenses? Had Minolta made a DSLR when i started digital I would have gone with it to use my lenses. Now they have one but i have a F717 that i'm use too and a ton ofaccessories. I'd much rather have a DSLR and will someday... But don't tell my wife... She doesn't know yet.

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