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Iwas in the the loooong process of deliberating on what type of camera:| to buy and have decided on the Sony DSC-HI.

I read White Paper's review on it and the different applications to use "other than point n shoot."

Now the decision on where to buy it...:P Iwant to be had and that is the risk of using an online service or ebay.:blah:

Iwas going to go with buydig.com, but I later read some mixed to poor reviews on customer service and product delivery.

I read a thread that listed a lot of online services as bogus (fake store fronts).

B&H seemed to get some good brownie points, but they are not priced competitively as compared to Best Buy or Circut City.

Can anybody recommend a particular vender other than a brick n mortar? Or am I better off spending another $100 bucks plus an additional $40 to $50 bucks on tax???:evil:

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Well, you can use our Shopping Guide to help find vendors.

But, it sounds like you're on the right track already. Buydig (a.k.a., Beach Camera) is a reputable vendor, and most users of them have been pleased.

They don't have the same level of customer service as a company like B&H. However, they're usually one of the lowest priced vendors you'll find (other than scam artists).

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Old Nov 19, 2005, 3:02 PM   #3
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Thanks for chiming in!

I am weary of online purchases especially ones that are over $50... But at the same time I want to find a reputable store so I can save a few bucks and save on the taxes.

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Old Nov 19, 2005, 3:23 PM   #4
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runtothedaylight wrote:
I am weary of online purchases especially ones that are over $50...
And I've bought pretty much all associated to photographing from internet and entirely other countries.
First digicam (and actually first camera) I bought from Germany because price there was 950 Brussels roubles/euros and 1100 here in Finland, next digicam I bought last March from Sweden because that was pretty much only shop I could find having camera I was looking for... at summer I bought flash and wide converter from other German shop.
Same applies to computers (/parts), although in those I've stayed inside borders of own country. :G

Don't you have anything similar to this there on other side of pond?
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I have purchased more than 10 digicams form www.buydig.com and received flawless service. I personally would recommend them highly.

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I've bought 2 cameras from B&H and both of them were as cheap or cheaper than Best Buy. I also could get all the accessories I wanted from them, which I would not have been able to from Best Buy, and they were at reasonable prices. The second time I wanted to use a debit card, and ended up having to give them 2 different card numbers - the total was over the daily allowance my bank allowed. It was easily fixed with a simple phone call and I got my camera on schedule. They may not be the cheapest place around, but they are competitive and have great service.
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