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Hello, I am new to this site but would like to ask everyone out there where to purchase a Canon 20D. I have found them on a number of sites starting from $899.

http://www.geniuscameras.com/cart/pr...33&start=1 and


However I do not know their reputation. Can any give me some feedback as to their experiences of purchasing online and also where they purchased online. This will be a major purchase for me and would like to save $ but at the same time have a quality product without much hassle.


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The 20D is not really being heavily discounted yet. The lowest price you are going to find a new 20D from a REPUTABLE dealer is around $1300 USD (body only). A $900 price tag is a BIG RED FLAG - I wouldn't trust them. Buydig.com, Butterfly.com and Abes of Maine all have it for around $1300 and all are reputable online etailers.
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It's very competitive now, so if a price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

There are a lot of scam artists aroundwith very nice looking web sites (and most are located in Brooklyn --operating under multiple business names).

Most of these dealers won't sell you a camera for the advertised price, unless you agree to buy lots of addons at inflated prices (memory cards, extended warranties, batteries, etc.).

These typesof dealerstypically call you to "confirm" your order, and then the sales pitch begins. If you refuse to buy the overpriced addons, then they'll probably refuse to ship it to you (or it will suddenly become backordered -- even though the web site says it's in stock).

Sometimes, they'llship you a partial order with high unauthorized shipping and insurance tacked on, and when you try to return it and dispute it with your credit card company, they'll try to keep the shipping and insurance, as well as a restocking fee, since the restocking fees are displayed in the policies on their web site.

I'd make sure to ask about any dealer you are considering here first.

In addition to the customer reviews in the price search engines, also check each dealers reputation carefully using http://www.reselleratings.com, and avoid dealers with a small number of customer reviews (vendors have been known to pad their own ratings with glowing reviews).

If you have a specific model in mind, try using the Shopping Guide, making sure to buy from a "Trusted Store" with lots of good customer reviews - double checking their reputation by reading customer reviews athttp://www.resellerratings.com

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Thanks for all the great info. I will pay the $1300 and stop looking for 'the to good to be true' deal. This is a great forum and will start to use it regularly now that I am getting into digital photography.

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