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Finally, yesterday i have founded a store to buy my new camera and decide to be Nikon and it is very close to my hometown. They have offered me the following accordingly to my needs:
D-50 850 EUR
8700700 EUR
This is a maximum that i can afford and need your advise really really bad so tell me what to buy. I'm not a experiance to much but i'm ready to learn. I have seen the sample picturesof 8700 modelon your siteand they are beautiful but i did not find that good sample pictures with D-50. Am I wrong and what is better to buy.

thanks for advise. I hope to buy one of those at the end of the week.
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well, i did not received any reply but i chosse to buy Nikon 8700 model as per the price differance.

Now if there are some information that i should know before start using the camera please reply with.

Any advise for the beginner for this camera please send. Does anybody has this camera or had to give some suggestions.....
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Sorry did not see you original post.

If as you say, you are a beginner I think you made the right choice.
Use the 8700 to learn photography without worrying about all the additional options that a DSLR requires.

1st. thing is to really read the manual that came with it.
2nd. is to google up some basics on photography there are a lot of online tutorials to get you started.
3rd. Take up thy new camera and go forth, make lots of images, then examine them, go out again and try to make them better, keep repeating this step. :-) before long you will be making images to be proud of and post here.
(Also post other ones you think you have problem you want help with)

Good luck and happy shooting with your new camera:!:

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