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hello everyone,

I have a friend who asked for advice on buying a new compact camera. his main concern is image quality, followed by widish-angle (around 30mm, or wider) up to a moderate tele (100mm or thereabouts), manual exposure (8s and up would be ok), and a price range of up to about 240 euros in europe. he probably won't be using more than 5 or 6 megapixels, so resolution is a non-issue - except for the impact it has on sampled-down images. optical IS would be great.

I've been looking at the panasonic fs15 and fs20, the canon ixus 100is (sd780is is it?) and the samsung L310w (sl310w in the US - is there a reason why it's so cheap?).

those are all relatively new so I couldn't find sample pics on all of them. besides, I myself have been away from compacts for years. so, what is there to consider nowadays when it comes to image quality at that range?

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks as usual.
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Just from the cameras thatyou listed my suggestion would be the Canon IXUS 100. But none of those cameras have manual control, not even the Canon.

The cameras that would meet all of your requirements are the Panasonic FX150 and FX500. Which have decent IQ. But may or may not rank as "leading IQ", depending on who you ask. Take away the manual control requirement and the selection gets a lot more interesting.

Kelly Cook
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Your requirements are fairly upscale. Perhaps it might been good to look backwards a bit. Consider the somewhat older Nikon 5400, which has a huge imager, a nice 28mm wide angle, and a nice hot shoe. Its a great camera and you might find it on E-Bay for a very attractive price.

Sarah Joyce
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KCook wrote:
....none of those cameras have manual control, not even the Canon......
If the original poster's friend is in Europe, he/she could consider a "Rollei XS-10 InTouch", or others from that range.I bought one for my daughter at Christmas, and she's got many very good images with it since then.It's very compact with an excellent lens, and a good range of controls, including manual ISO setting and...

"Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual Exposure...and (many scene modes)...".

Onedrawback relative to the desired specification is that for 'stabilisation' it uses 'auto ISO' to ensure a not-too-slow shutter speed.

The manual and specification is at...


...and there are some specimen images and 1:1 clips in a January thread in this forum at...

http://forums.steves-digicams.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=601320&forum_id=87&jump_ to=961574

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